Best Places to Stay in Lviv

Best Places to Stay in Lviv

Best Place to Stay in Lviv

The cultural and soul city of Ukraine, Lviv is architecturally mesmerising, well preserved, and miraculously untouched by tourists! One of the most underrated cities of Europe; Lviv is known to be “Little Paris of Ukraine” due to Central European charm it exudes and is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage City. A vivacious and vibrant city, Lviv celebrates more than 100 festivals per year. Famous for its chocolates and coffee, it became a paradise for people who enjoy these little pleasures and as a result this has given a significant rise in cafe culture here. The beauty of its architecture is unparalleled compared to other Ukrainian cities, and slowly but surely, Lviv is climbing ladders in popularity across Europe.

Considerably cheap compared to other European cities, Lviv is a heaven for backpackers and students travelling on a budget. With plenteous hostels as well as apartments and hotels, there is no dearth of accommodation options here. Below are some of the neighbourhood options where you can drop anchor. Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Lviv include:

1. Rynok Square

After standing to the test of time for centuries, Rynok Square still stands at the heart of this magnificent city in all its glory. Surrounded by historical buildings, restaurants, and hotels, Rynok Square has always been the commercial and social centre of the city. A perfect reflection of different reigns, Lviv has gone through these centuries and provides a rather insightful peek in the city’s history through its architecture. Spend a warm sunny day here and indulge in souvenir shopping or relax and hang out in one of the many cafes here. A lot of tourists prefer to stay nearby Rynok Square; therefore, there are many hotels available here within all budget ranges. In fact, apart from hotels you can also find hostels and apartments too for dirt cheap prices. One of the main reasons why it has always been the most preferred area for a stay.

2. Prospekt Svobody

The main street of Lviv crossing the city centre is the main hang-out hub of the city. In summer it is always crowded with tourists as well as locals hanging out on the broad pavement and getting photos clicked in front of a Ukrainian poet Shevchenko’s statue. With fountain splashed parks nearby and over the northern end Lviv Opera House standing proudly, this is a family-friendly neighbourhood with a lot of reasonable options for accommodation. From hostels to hotels, enough options for a stay can be found at Prospekt Svobody and surrounding it.

3. Halytskyi District

The urban district of Lviv, Halytskyi District covers the territory of Old Town and is located in central part of the city. Dotted with monuments, museums, and cathedrals, there is plenty to look around. Visit Stryjs'kyj park, which is considered the most beautiful park in all of Ukraine for a leisurely stroll and there is even a swan lake making it look like wonderland in winters. Since most tourists prefer to stay in apartments when visiting Lviv, there are many in and around Halytskyi District too. And, if hotels are your choice, there are plenty of that too here irrespective of your budget.

Head to Lviv before it becomes way too much commercialised like some of its counterparts and discover its hidden beauty.