Top 2 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Luxor

Top 2 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Luxor

Top 2 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Luxor

There is a reason why Egypt tops the charts of best tourist destinations in Africa. For archaeologists and historians, it is an absolute heaven, thanks to places like Luxor, built around the ancient site of Thebes. The city has been a magnet for tourists since the Greek and Roman times! And why not! The place has so many temples and spires that you actually need to be picky.

So if you are planning a long, adventure-filled African vacation, here are the top 2 places for accommodation for a tourist in Luxor:

1. East Bank

The East Bank of Luxor is in fact an extremely popular tourist destination, with the world famous Karnak and Luxor Temples bedecking this neighborhood in Luxor. Then there are other touristy spots like the Luxor Museum and the Museum of Mummification right in this district. Housing a vast majority of hotels and accommodations in Luxor, the East Bank has always been the main settlement throughout the millennia. Hotels stationed close to the Nile offer excellent vistas of sunset over the river. You can find accommodation suiting all budgets here. After sundown, the area offers a perfect setting for a long walk along the waterfront. Also, prefer a night tourism option to the Luxor Temple, it is altogether a different place after dark. The list of impeccable eateries is hard to cover throughout your vacay; East Bank is replete with delectable local cuisines.

2. West Bank

This district in Luxor has a greater convergence of landmarks and tombs compared to the former. A string of Pharaonic temples vies with the opulent Tombs of Nobles in this neighborhood. The Worksmen’s Village of Deir el-Medineh pulls in many travelers who wish to explore mankind’s rich past. The area has recently started to develop as a preferred option to stay in Luxor; you no more need to cross the river to see the top attractions. Try a Donkey ride to experience Luxor from a unique angle. The area houses the Valley of Kings and the ageless Medinet Habu. Besides these, there are countless tombs of pharaohs over the West Bank. Go for an early morning Balloon ride over the West Bank for the most romantic rendezvous.

3. Heliopolis

For business travelers, nothing beats this contemporary neighborhood stationed in close proximity to the airport. Bustling with restaurants and nightlife, Heliopolis is a magnet to many hip and bacchanal travel bugs as well. Even for shopaholics, there is a gigantic mega mall in this district, home to top fashion brands and eateries. if traveling with family, there is a great theme park for the little ones and an upscale golf course for the serious ones!

Sneak off into one of Luxor’s souks and travel the golden country of Egypt like a local. Its ancient charm is sure to take you back in time. Wait to come back with sand in your shoes; who knows, you might step on an unexplored ancient ruin! Safe Travels!