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Best places to stay in Lucerne, Switzerland

Where to stay in Lucerne

The quiet, quaint demeanor of this magnificent Swiss city makes Lucerne a thriving tourist spot for all the right reasons. It is a mighty fine place to soothe a troubled spirit, with the lovely mountains and a picturesque lake exhilarating your entire travel experience. Though not very big in size, the offerings in Lucerne are profuse both in terms of quality and quantity.

Accommodations in Lucerne cater to all kinds of travelers, so considering where to stay in Lucerne is hardly ever a problem for both luxury and backpacker travelers. So try one of the top 3 places for for a tourist to stay in Lucerne:

1. Old Town

Talk about Zurich, Riga or any such European town, Old Town is usually the focal point of all activity and tourist attractions. In Lucerne, the Old Town is small in area and can be covered maximum in a half day tour. Base yourself anywhere in this district in Lucerne and you can easily access the Lion Monument, the Lake, the Wooden Bridges besides all the main buildings and monuments. If planning a Lake Cruise, then it’s best place to stay in this part of Lucerne, since the pier is located right opposite to the main station, which is close proximity to the Old Town. For hikers planning to climb Mt. Pilatus, a mere 10-15 minutes ride will get you there.

2. Pilatusstrasse

Another prime location for travelers when choosing a place to stay in Lucerne is Pilatusstrasse. This neighborhood is in close proximity to both the Lake and Mt. Pilatus, hence offering the most panoramic vistas of the city. Whether you are seeking a luxury hotel in Lucerne or traveling on a backpacker’s budget to Switzerland, this district serves all pocket sizes. The popular tourist attraction KKL lies in the same vicinity, besides a bunch of other major spots. Across the famous Seebrucke Bridge rests the historic town center. Lucerne being a small-sized town has everything at a stone’s throw distance. Besides, transportation here is convenient enough to take you from A to B.

3. Tribschenstrasse

If you have been to Lucerne before and are done with all the touristy sites, then you would prefer a stay in Lucerne on the outer edges of the city. For this, nothing beats Tribschenstrasse. Many fairly priced accommodations in Lucerne have stationed themselves in this outer circle of the city. Spa facilities rule the top facilities of these accommodations, along with gorgeous views of the city.

Lucerne manages to take tradition and modernity side-by-side with such finesse. To begin your Central Switzerland exploration, Lucerne is ideal to start with!