Best Places to Stay in Ljubljana

Best Places to Stay in Ljubljana

Best Place to Stay in Ljubljana

Ljubljana (pronounced Lyoo-blah-nah), the greenest of all European capitals is an ideal escape from the big city bustle. A romantic hilltop castle, a green emerald river with gorgeous footbridges atop, baroque candy-colored spires and cobbled plazas replete with coffee tables- Ljubljana is downright dreamy!

Where to stay in Ljubljana is often the first thing that pops in travelers’ head, since there are no fancy properties or resorts. So here are the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Ljubljana:

1. Presernov Trg

To explore the city thoroughly, the place to stay in Ljubljana is Presernov Square. This gorgeous medieval square is perfectly stationed between the Old Town and Central District, two mostly touristy spots of Ljubljana. Boulevards frilled with grotesque buildings have many cultural and sightseeing offerings. You can identify the area with the Preseren Monument, a statue right in its heart. The small, but much acclaimed Triple Bridge lies to its southern edge. The area is exclusive to pedestrians and cyclists, making the whole atmosphere serene.

2. Tivoli City Park

Tivoli Park is the largest park in Ljubljana, located on the northern edge of the City Center. For centuries, it has been the place for recreation for the locals, and continues to be so. It is beautifully placed amidst the rolling hills and boasts a perfect picnic spot with pastures, wooden placements and adventure playgrounds. There are a bunch of tourist spots in the area like the International Centre for Graphic Arts, Museum of Modern History and a zoo. Safety is never a problem in Ljubljana. Travelers who have been to this city earlier and are done with all the main attractions choose this locality for a perfect, laid-back vacation.

3. Trg Osvobodilne Fronte

Those of you who are traveling in Slovenia via train or bus, this neighborhood near the main Ljubljana Train station provides excellent accommodation options. This locality is highly affordable and in close proximity to the Old Town. Besides some known hotel chains, you can even rent a fairly prices apartment here for longer stay. Travelers who love to explore a city inside out by going deep in the interiors would love this place. Top attractions like The Butcher’s Bridge, Ljubljana’s Old Town, Ljubljana Castle, Presernov Square, and many more are not too far from this neighborhood in Ljubljana.

This charming old city in Slovenia houses many popular museums, galleries and artists. Being a student’s hub, the place is always vibrant and kicking with activity.