Best Places to Stay in Lima

Best Places to Stay in Lima

Best Place to Stay in Lima

With your initial steps into the city, the place will not resemble the post card images of the brightly dressed Andean villagers posing against the backdrop of the mountains with the Llamas lurking in the background. But that is the sight this sprawling metropolis stretching endlessly from the ocean into the hills, will provide you with a deeper look. A closer look to this huge city will give you the chance to observe the all the fascinating and colorful as the inland scenes you've pictured, plus a lot more! Counted as one of the best holiday destinations in the world, the place will provide the opportunity to traverse through time with its colonial architecture and beautiful buildings complete with carved wooden balconies.

To observe and indulge your-self in the culture, the premier step would be to find your-self a home. To help you with just that, here is a list of the best regions to plan for an accommodation in Lima:

1. Barranco and Miraflores

Known as the artsy, bohemian district of Lima, Barranco is located in the southern side of the Miraflores along the Pacific Ocean. Not witnessing development with soulless indifference, Barranco can be called upscale and artsy without trying too hard. Offering a splash of colour and a breath of fresh air in the otherwise dull and ubiquitous grey environment of Lima, this Peruvian neighbourhood is a unique oasis in the desert of dullness. One of the main attractions in the place is the Bridge of Sighs, counted as one of the most romantic areas in the evening with the slight breeze and the beautiful skies. Another one of the major tourist point in the region is the beautiful Plaza complete with its bright colours. A simple stroll down the street will bring you across beautiful street art, seeming to encapsulate the entire region. Known for its colour, art and beautiful absurdity, this place is one of the best to find a roof.

Considered as one of the best areas in Lima for habitation, Miraflores offers its residents miles of elegant and well manicured parks running along its boardwalk, presenting you with the most spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Though, undoubtedly one of the most expensive areas in the vicinity, Miraflores is worth the money and effort. Surrounded in the finest of world's hotels and restaurants including Restaurante Central and Miado, Lima is considered to the gastronomical capital and Miraflores is the focal point of a majority of the best known and experimental restaurants housed.

2. San Isidro

This is the region you should reside in if your interest area lies in the business spectre. However even if that is not accounted, the place is the home of many well-to-do Peruvians, thanks to its suburban environment; including housed complete with backyards and front lawns in close proximity with the brimming business area. One of the best ways to describe the place is to call it Los Angeles with a splash of Latin American twist. If you are a tourist, the best things the place will offer you is a plethora of shopping options and eating choices.

3. Historical Center

As the name suggests, Historical Center is the place you will get the restored pieces and the remnants of the past all in one place. One of the places you can't miss, the best ways to explore the place is to plan a stay in the vicinity. Established by Francisco Pizarro in the city's central square in the 16th century in order to serve as capital to the colonial South America, you can't call your trip complete without roaming in the narrow streets at least once. None of the buildings from the time survive till date, but the area is strikingly beautiful nonetheless. One of the must visit destination in the area is the Plaza de Armas.

Though the beauty of Lima is beyond definition, the trip can only be successful if the resting place is good. So choose your accommodation wisely!