Best Places to Stay in Las Vegas

Best Places to Stay in Las Vegas

Best Place to Stay in Las Vegas

The party and debauchery capital of the world, considered nowhere less to London, Tokyo and New York, Las Vegas is one of the best regions to indulge in A-list entertainments and big budget stage shows! Famous around the globe for its image of having all kinds of possibilities known to the human life, this city situated in the lap of a desert, is one of its kind in beauty, demographics and of course, the endless ifs. One of the most elemental part of Las Vegas is The Strip, the street housing the sparkles of lights, resort lined lanes and a little reincarnation of almost all the glamorous sites from the cities around the world. The city has two doors for its tourists, one opens up within the labyrinthine indoor worlds, with the lights so bright having the capability to turn night in day, and the other is the tectonics, forged by the winds and baked by the sun, giving you a brazen embrace to the scenic side of Vegas!

However, to choose for a temporary tourist base among this conflictingly beautiful place could be a herculean task, for which every little word of advice can go a long way. So to make sure that the decision you make is not uninformed, here is the list of the best neighborhoods for accommodation for a tourist in Las Vegas:

1. The City of Henderson

If you consult any local person to help you choose the best area for accommodation in Las Vegas, the first name to pop up on every tongue would be the City of Henderson. Most righteously bearing the title of one of the best places to live in Vegas by the Bloomberg Newsweek, The City of Henderson still maintains its legacy six years later. Another laurel to its name is the dubbing of the place as 'America's Second Safest City' by the Forbes magazine. It is evident from the report card of the place that this can be chosen by the people, especially the ones who are in town for a little while, making it one of the most amazing choices of accommodation for the tourists.

2. Summerlin

Shuttling its way to the second on the list, Summerlin happens to be one of the new additions among the best neighborhoods to base yourself in Vegas. Divided into two parts, the northern region and the southern region, it has a dual advantage of being safe as well as budget friendly, making it easier for the people to dwell in this part of the city. The neighborhood is made up of gated communities, complete with a 24/7 private security patrolling, further boosting up its safety and security. Along with being one of the well-protected neighborhoods, it is also one of the most peaceful ones too, complete with a plethora of amenities and recreational activities to enjoy.

3. Southwest

Counted among one of the residential neighborhoods in Las Vegas, Southwest welcomes its guests with big backyards and a profusion of open space to explore. However, the population is smaller in the region as compared to the other neighborhoods, making it a perfect choice for the people who are seeking to escape the crowds while enjoying a perfectly safe neighborhood housing the millennial, individuals, and families, all within the boundaries. Along with this, the region won’t be a heavy burden on your pocket.

So to make sure you don’t make a sin in the Sin-City by choosing the wrong accommodation due to the lack of guidance give the above list a read. Also, avoid the confusion of the guide-books and simply take a virtual tour of the place with our detailed research of the place. Enjoy Vegas!