Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in La Paz, Bolivia

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in La Paz, Bolivia

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in La Paz, Bolivia

The city of La Paz, Bolivia is one, next to no other, South American city. Being the highest administrative capital in the world, things to do in La Paz offer numerous gob-smacking and exciting experiences, beautiful sights and cuisines! One can easily get lost between the frenzied traffic and the legendary markets, the surprisingly excellent food and the delightfully traditional locals.

La Paz is one of the most distinctive cities in the world. It may be the City Centre here or the upscale neighborhood called Zona Sur, each and every face has something or the other to please its tourists with things to see in La Paz. With spots like the Witches Market, Museo del Oro and the La Paz cemetery, La Paz travel makes sure that you get to sit and stare everywhere you go in this iconic city. And it’s not just the sights to see in La Paz, other experiences including walking tours and ropeways also make your trip to La Paz all the more exciting. So if you are planning a trip to La Paz and wish to make the most of it, choose one of the Best areas to stay in La Paz:

1. El Centro (City centre)

The Downtown area of La Paz is ironically located uptown and is where all the hustle bustle and commerce takes place. Here you will find major attractions, museums, plazas, historic cobbled streets and many bustling markets. The district is best known for La Paz's one of the main attractions, Witches Market. Despite of the name, the Witches Market has nothing to get scared of. The market is filled with local handicraft items, leather goodies including rucksacks and handbags at incredibly low prices. A haven for shopaholics, this area is home to Calle Jean, which is one of the most historical and scenic streets of La Paz. The beautiful colonial street is where you find several fascinating museums. A particular highlight is the Museo del Oro (the Gold Museum), which displays beauteous old jewelry and home ware, all examples of the countries grand past. Also located in this district is one of La Paz's main attractions, Plaza Murrilo, which was named in the honor of Bolivian hero Pedro Murillo. The plaza is not only central spot to La Plaza but was also the town's main source of water in the hay days. A great place for people to meet and adore the beauty of beautiful eucalyptus trees and other colonial buildings surrounding the Plaza which include the La Paz's Cathedral, Palacio Quemado, Palacio de los Condes de Arana, the area is quite popular in the city and offers a descent selection of restaurants too. And from backpacker dorm style hotels to top- notch boutique hotels, it boasts a decent collection of accommodation options for each and everyone who comes to visit the city.

2. Zora Sur

The Zora Sur district is located to the south of the city and is a place to experience the upscale life of La Paz. In this district, you see upscale shopping centers and world-class dining amenities lined along the high-end bars and clubs across the steers. Zora Sur district encompasses a vast area of La Paz and is home to over one- third of city's total population. The district might stand out from the usual vibe of La Paz as it's a bit warmer and quiet than the rest of the city. One of the best restaurants that are the chef Claus Meyer's, Bolivian inspired eatery is located here, which is a haven for foodies. The incredible scenes of the streets in this district make your walks interesting and the city far more appreciable!

3. Mira Flowers

This is the city's sports district. Famous for controversial Mile-high stadium, Mira Flowers is a fun neighborhood to wander and discover the city. The area for being best for soccer lovers as the city's beloved soccer stadium is located in this district, Mira Flowers is one of the main residential areas of La Paz and also one of the safest ones. The center is flooded with entertainment and sports opportunities. Being home to Bolivia's top medical universities and upscale malls and shopping theatres, Mira flowers is surely one of the best neighborhoods for tourists in La Paz.

La Paz is a lot more than cliché tourist attractions. Besides being a Bolivian city for tourists, it’s like a global village for the hardcore wanderlusts.