Best Places to Stay in Krakow

Best Places to Stay in Krakow

Best Place to Stay in Krakow

The mythical past of the truly legendary town of Krakow still sort of permeates in its magnificent architecture. Soaring spires, quaint churches, majestic museums and the infinite Rynek Glowny, Europe’s larest market- tourist attractions in Krakow can keep you busy for a nice, long vacation. The royal Polish city is a harmonious blend of past and present, offering way more than just nightlife and history.

So if you are ready to delve into the dragon warrior city, prefer a base in the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Krakow:

1. Old Town

The most central and historic quarter of the city, Old Town is unarguably the best place to stay in Krakow. Like every major European town, all the main tourist spot lie in proximity to this area. It survived the wrath of World War II, thus getting the UNESCO World Heritage certificate. The Planty, a mildly forested parkland circumscribing this area was once the Old Town’s Wall and Moat. Rynek Glowny is the main market square that branches out all the streets. Click a selfie with the Town Hall Tower, the gorgeous Wawel Castle or the Florian Gate. Being super central and ultra picturesque obviously raises the stakes for tourists seeking an accommodation here.

2. The Jewish Quarter

Kazimierz (the same) is too cool to handle! There are so many hip cafes, eateries, art galleries and bars that you might actually fall short of time exploring this district in Krakow. Hardly a 20 minute walk from the Central square, Kazimierz is home to beautiful synagogues, the Jewish Cemetery and the tunes of authentic Jewish Klezmer music! Try a Kosher meal at one of the traditional restros as you head out to unwind the Schindler’s List locations. Accommodations range from thrifty to affluent, with private apartments seeing an upsurge. Backpackers flood this place like none other, hence even the low-budget locations offer most basic amenities.

3. Podgorze

A large residential area with an up and coming buzz, Podgorze was once the Jewish Ghetto of Krakow. For frequent visitors who don’t mind a little distance from the tourist buzz and popular attractions, this area is a perfect haven to feel the city instead of just flipping through the main touristy spots. Locals keep this area alive and kicking, thus creating a bustling riverfront escape. Accommodations are darn cheap and adequately modish!

Krakow is an ocean of exploration in a small vessel. The offerings range from summer festivals, opera shows and street theatre to the romantic alleys and cobblestone streets housing many beautiful cafes, restaurants and pubs. Visit this side of Europe, but with a heavy pocket!