Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Krabi

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Krabi

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Krabi

Counted to be the most relaxing part of Thailand, Krabi is a one place that has it all! From its mind-numbingly beautiful sceneries including its stunning white beaches stretching on for miles, to a deep dense jungle that reminds you of the childhood mystical forests and its 200 islands located just off the coast, there’s just too much to see and do in Krabi. Covering such a large area in square meters, it is not very difficult to attract such a wide array of tourists interested in exploring its magical corners for Krabi. Majestically situated among the almost implausibly positioned krast formations made up from limestone, Krabi poses no shortage of restaurants or gift shops selling the local trinkets. Housing a unique set of different beaches and unorthodox landscapes, this is one place you just can't get enough of in a small pinch of time!

With the bridge of the appreciations and accolades going on forever, the only trouble you will have is deciding where to find a temporary roof for yourself. To help you sort through the best of the neighbourhoods, and find what you are looking for, here is a virtual tour of the best accommodations for tourists in Krabi:

1. Ao Nang

One of the most popular places for accommodation, Ao Nang is obviously one of the premier choices for people seeking to explore Krabi for the first time. Though the place lacks the beautiful white sand or the beautiful crystal clear waters, the region on shore welcomes one and all with open arms. The walking street of Ao Nang is filled up with a profusion of international dining, nightlife, shopping and of course the famous Krabi's own Lady Boy Cabaret show. An ideal place to start your vacation, Ao Nang is a perfect place for party-lovers, luxury travellers and even budget travellers, thanks to its diverse accommodation options.

2. Railay and Hat Tham Beaches

Located just to the southern side of Ao Nang, if there is one place that captures the attention of people equally throughout the world, it would still not be able to match the pristine of these two beaches. This is the ideal place to be for all the nature lovers, with the area showcasing zero cars, scooters or buses, the place is made up with people walking to reach everywhere! A step into a time of the more peaceful era, Railay and Hat Tham Beaches are a living haven of white sand beaches and sparkling waters, and of course, the intricate rock formations and caves. The best spot in the region for rock climbing, this place gives you a chance to witness both adventure including rock climbing, backpacking and travelling and peace in the form of sandwich boats floating ideally lying around in the sea.

3. Krabi Town

The capital of Krabi, Krabi town is often a stopover location for backpackers witnessing the place for the first time. Along with a few hotels and low-budget accommodations in the downtown region, the city is a petite little place with a local authentic Thai vibe. Along with fresh markets, small shops and even a brimming weekend market, this place is one of the best neighbourhoods to be based in for the exploration of the entire region. An ideal destination for budget-travellers, short stay and of course the hitchhikers and backpackers, Krabi Town is one area you shouldn’t miss if you like crowds!

To ensure you make the right choice, head on to one of these accommodations to experience Krabi at its best!