Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Kolkata

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Kolkata

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Kolkata

The second biggest city of India, Kolkata is a city of joy, the haunt of poets and one of the oldest and most charming cities in West Bengal. A cultural melting pot with the perfect blend of traditional and urban sensibilities, Kolkata serves as a perfect holiday host to all age groups and traveller categories. The most inexpensive metro cities of the country, the city of Kolkata will give you ample reasons to stay. The complete picture of this 350 year old metropolis is one that can simply understand the place as a centre for intellectual, cultural and artistic capital. Though there is evident poverty in the land, there is a theoretical hipster culture thriving especially among its millennial residents. A city made up of commerce, transport and manufacture, Kolkata holds a strong position as the dominant urban centre of the eastern India. An 'in your face' city, Kolkata is arguably one of the most socially, politically and culturally progressive cities fondly known as the 'City of Joy'. Continuing to spawn generations of poets, film directors, writers and even Nobel Prize winner, this is one place you can't just visit once and move on.

In a place as culturally rich as Kolkata, the search through the guides to the best neighbourhood can be tiring. So to help you through the streets and decide a neighbourhood according to your need, here is the list of the most habitable neighbourhoods in Kolkata.

1. Saltlake

The most chosen residential favourite of newcomers and IT professionals for people just shifting to this beautiful city, Saltlake is one of the premier regions in all the terms for people who are native and tourists. Also known as Bidhannagar, Saltlake is one of the best connected regions in the vicinity, running along with well oiled machine of transportation. However, one of the biggest charms is its beautiful meticulous planning, cosy residential nooks complete with apartment buildings and complexes and of course the commercialized urban appeal, making it one of the most proper in the region. With sharp features and clean roads, Saltlake is the best region to stay in Kolkata.

2. Garia

A while back, maybe a decade or so, Garia was a homely quiet neighbourhood with parks and streets clear enough for children to cycle on. With the passage of time and the excess exodus from the neighbouring states, the state has now morphed into several gated apartment complexes and lone houses; Garia has now become a new favourite for families and out of town tourists. Along with this, a treat for the permanent residents in the region include the few handful of international schools and of course, its very own brand new Metro station.

3. Kasba

If we had to choose the best connected regions in Kolkata, Kasba would win by a considerable margin, thanks to the plethora of railway lines and the flyovers running all through the region. A boon of being a famous locality has given it the bane of being a busy locality, but one that you would be lucky to settle in, even for a while. The demographics in the region are a wide mix of old and new families; the residential buildings consisting of apartment complexes along with an amalgamation of individual homes. One of the most famous parts of the locality here is the well known Durga Pujas, the most famous ones in the town.

To make sure that the personality of your accommodation matches to your personality, make sure to match your list with ours! Happy travels!