Best Places to Stay in Kiev

Best Places to Stay in Kiev

Best Place to Stay in Kiev

One of the oldest eastern European cities, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine was there long before the war, and therefore has this incredible history reflected in city’s architecture, culture, and its people. The best thing about Kiev is probably how it has adopted western mannerisms without sacrificing its Slavic roots, which is why this city makes for an intriguing vacation. And today, a creative wave has swept the city, one that’s embodied by art, vintage cafes and relentless parties! People claim that the city’s turned hip almost overnight!

Being a large city, Kiev is divided into number of districts which sometimes can confuse a traveller for accommodation purposes. Therefore, we listed down some of the best neighbourhoods in the city which are ideal for your stay. Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Kiev are:

1. Podil

The main cultural centre of Kiev, Podil is the oldest district of the city. With a bohemian atmosphere and magnificent pre-soviet architecture, Podil remains successful in retaining its original charm. A vibrant area with colourful buildings, it’s a relatively quiet neighbourhood in Kiev compared to the central ones. With its grand museums, theatres, lush greenery, and bars, Podil has acquired a certain romantic aura, attracting hipsters, intellectuals, and students to its doors. Famous for its democratic youth pubs, high level restaurants, and unique cafes, it draws youngsters from all over the city. Its close proximity to the central areas and metro railway station nearby makes it a really convenient place to stay. Since it is frequented by tourists often, Podil has some amazing options for accommodations too. Be it budget friendly or a little more upscale, this district in Kiev has enough of both.

2. Khrechatyk

The epicentre of Kiev, Khrechatyk is a loud, active and quite well-trodden street. Located in Central Kiev, this neighbourhood is witness to all the major activities in the city. The focal point of the street is Independence Square, a plaza jam packed at every weekend due to numerous activities taking place, such as free concerts and various forms of demonstration. Every weekend without fail, the whole area comes to life with street performers and musicians making it a gala affair. With a number of hot clubs and bars in the city, the nightlife here can be best described as wild where you can see wealthy Russians swaying on dance floors. Due to its central location and close proximity with different tourist attractions, most travellers prefer to stay here. But hotels in this area are little on expensive side so not many budget friendly options are here.

3. Obolon

With a great view of Dnieper River and lush green surroundings, Obolon District is a treat for the eyes. Giving healthy competition to the noisy and boisterous central area, Obolon is relatively peaceful and definitely less congested with traffic. Home to the elites of Kiev, this district definitely has an elegant aura surrounding it. With Kiev losing most of its greenery to development, Obolon is among the lucky few still having lush green parks and trees all around it. An epic variety of restaurants and cafes here serves traditional Ukrainian food as well as global cuisines, making it an exciting place for foodies out there. While there are more high-priced hotels here, but with a little bit of research you can stumble upon many reasonably priced good hotels as well as cheap service apartments too!

Whether you are just passing by or going to stay for a longer period, make sure you chose one of the above neighbourhoods for an easy vacation.