Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Kathmandu

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Kathmandu

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Kathmandu

There are only a few places that have the might and stature to give their visitors a pupil-dilating experience, and Kathmandu, profuse with its riots of sights, profusion of sounds and the beauty of its smells, does that with sheer nonchalance. Whether you find yourself making your way through the traffic-jammed alleyways snaking in the old-town in a rickshaw, or admiring the majestic ancient temples, or even find yourself avoiding the trekking touts in the backpacking issues in the district of Thamel, Kathmandu is the perfect combination of intoxicating and exhausting. If your vacation ideas include strolling through the back alleys, you will get to witness a number of hidden temples brimming with a plethora of beautiful shades of flowers along with courtyards full of drying chillies and rice.

This alluring, endless fascination of an occasionally infuriating city will give you a chance to witness a multitude of sights, enough to keep you busy for days exploring the depths of the real Nepal. However, in a place so compact in size and yet so diverse in possessions, the confusion about where to live is one of the most prominent ones. So to help you through the streets of the Nepal, here is list of best areas to find a roof:

1. Thamel

Housing a number of hotels, restaurants and shops, Thamel is a district located in the northern region of Kathmandu. Though mostly claimed to be up to the rafters by the people in the region, the place has now been refurbished into a commercial place, acting as a magnet for backpackers from across the globe. Located in close proximity with the central Kathmandu, this is one place that will give you access to visit the entirety of the capital city, while setting home in its premises. With doors and windows shinning in neon colours and children running around in the fields, this place gives you a feeling of home! The neighbourhood in Kathmandu is as beautiful after dark as it is during the day, making it one of the most celebrated areas in the region. With the chaotic fashion of the night markets, the streets here are a pleasure both for your eyes and ears. And thanks to the sea of people flocking the streets, Thamel is one place that will literally give you a deep peak into the colloquial culture.

2. Boudha

Located at a distance of 5 km from the central Kathmandu, Boudha is the burgeon centre of Tibetan Buddhist community. Counted as a refugee for the Tibetan exiles in Nepal since the 1959, Boudha is one of the best choices for people who want to dive in deep into the culture of the place. Two of the most enjoyable times of the day here includes the dusk and the dawn , when the place gives you a chance to witness the ethereal cacophony of ritual music drifting throughout the town. One of the major landmarks in the region is the Shanti Stupa, a tourist attraction that gives you one of the best dives into the Buddhist culture serving as their focus centre. However, if you don't really consider yourself and theist and prefer attractions other than the religious ones, you can spend time in the vast collection of small local shops and colloquial local dishes with the delicious smell walking around in the premise around you. Some of the major touristy spots and activities in the region include Tenjin Eco Trek, Boudha Stupa Thanka Center, Seeing Hands, Pranamaya Yoga, Star Adventure Asia Treks, Taragaon Museum, Pashupati Nath and Backstreet Academy.

3. Lazimpat

One of those typical resident areas, Lazimpat is also one of the most chosen places for people to plan a visit, whether for a short vacay or long one. Sharing its border with the Thamel district, there is no doubt that the place is a centrally located neighbourhood that will give you a chance to set base and explore the entirety of the Kathmandu with no nostalgia of missing home. Some of the most reputed citizens in the region include the Prime Minister, Chief Justice and the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly, making its VIP status to the world visible. Complete with a profusion of luxury hotels, shops and cafes, the place will make sure that you don't regret your stay in the Kathmandu region.

Though Kathmandu hosts a small area under its name, it is a perfect example of the fact that all great things come in small packages. So if you are a culture buff, there’s no looking further than the land of mysticism!