Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Kandy

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Kandy

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Kandy

As frozen well in time, a step into the premise of this beautiful city in Sri Lanka would be no less than travel back into the premise of time. This sacred Buddhist site, popularly known as the city of Senkadagalapura, has a huge chest of historical history. Being the last capital of the Sinhala kings, this was the focus point of the development of the Dinahala culture and its subsequent flourishing for more than 2500 years right up till the point the land was captured in the 1815. One of the most famous landmarks in the area, Temple of the Tooth Relic, is one of the deepest insights in the roots of the Buddhist culture, telling the tale of the sacred tooth of the Buddha himself. Today the cultural legacy of the independent Sinhalese traditions is observed in the city's unique music, dance and architecture and of course successfully encapsulated by the Temple of Tooth. A walk in this place would be like walking bare feet on a floor covered with white sheets, yet your eyes will witness the beauty of peels of pomegranate, turmeric and hibiscus creating the most mystical hues of the yellow colour.

However, when you set out to find yourself in a place that has so much to offer, to find a base that suits your travel needs can be a task. But, worry not fellow traveller, for we have compiled for you the list of the best area in the Kandy region to find a home. So, take out your holiday guide, as we give you a preview of the neighbourhoods you should choose to set base in Kandy:

1. Akurana

A Moorish majority town, Akurana is one of the most diverse suburbs in the Kandy region. Surrounded by hills and rivers, this is one of the best choices for the people who like to live in close proximity to the nature. Thanks to its location in the periphery of hills, the suburb houses a relatively cooler climate that makes it a hub for the local people as well as the tourists, to get respite from the otherwise humid climate of the country. Located in a central location, the only thing that the suburb is lacking is the availability of beaches, thus making a good choice for the people who like mountains. An excellent choice for accommodation, this is also the place that houses the largest number of population in the vicinity, making the luxuries available in the area comparatively better. Housing a large number of hotels and apartments, this is a place that is suitable for both the short term and long term holidayers.

2. Udunuwara

Located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, Udunuwara is one of the premier choices for people who want to indulge themselves with the actual civil life in the region. Housing one of the largest chunks of the population in Sri Lanka, Udunuwara is centrally located and is a perfect base for the people who want to choose to explore the region. One of the major landmarks in this neighbourhood is the beautiful Lankatila Vihara, and antique Buddhist beauty dating back to the times of 14th century. Along with this, for the ones among us that house the photography worm in ourselves, this place will give you a chance to capture the brazen form of both nature and civil life in the region, making the experience of Sri Lanka worth our time. Emitting the charm of the perfect small town, a stay here would be as far away from luxury as it gets, making it a bad choice for people who like it posh.

3. Katugastota

One of the rising stars in the map of Kandy, Katugastota is one place that has shown rapid improvements along the rolling of the latest decades. One of the most elemental landmark in the region is the Katugastota Bridge; an architectural beauty that is greatly admired by the local population. Deriving its name from the Sinhalese word Katu-gas-tota, roughly translating into a port with thorn trees, the symbolism is used to appreciate the valour of the swordsmen during the times of war. Enjoying a cooler and comfortable climate, Katugastota, no doubt is one place you would want to stay in Sri Lanka.

To help you in a place, which is somehow shielded from the world, here is the information that the tour guides won’t tell you!