Top 4 Places to Stay in Istanbul

Top 4 Places to Stay in Istanbul

Top 4 Places to Stay in Istanbul

With a population of 14 million people, Istanbul is almost a representation of a country. Straddling between Europe and Asia, this Muslim city plays a polestar of continents. With a treasure box full of historical wealth, Istanbul today stands as a place with wide diversity. And with such a magnanimous miscellany in the city, choosing a place to stay can turn into a tedious task.

So to help you screen through the ultra hip to the peaceful neighbourhoods, here is a rundown of the best neighbourhoods you can find in Istanbul for accommodation:

1. Etiler

Relatively a new district of Istanbul, Etiler is home to comparatively newer architecture in every sector. With soaring, multi-storeyed buildings taking up most of the area, Etiler is one place for the people who like to live amidst the crowd. With boundaries being lapped by the waters of a beautiful river, the place is an ideal choice to stay. Along with this the neighbourhood also has the availability of parks and open spaces among which some of the major include Etiler Huzurevi Park, Etiler Camlik Park and the Metal Oto. The choice might not be suitable for the ones wanting to escape the crowds.

2. Taksim Square

The most famous contempo district located in the heart of Istanbul, Taksim Square is the hub of a major chunk of hotels restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs and movie theatres making it a point brimming with energy. Another one of the premier choices for lodging for tourists and natives alike, this is the place you stay if you want to experience the real energy of Istanbul packed in small spaces. One of the primary attractions in the place is the beautiful Istiklal Aniti. For people planning a short trip to Istanbul, this place is like a microcosm of the entire trip.

3. Phanar

One of the rare historical beauties, Phanar (also known as Fener or Fanar) is a place offering you the sight of historic wooden houses, churches, and synagogues surviving from the Byzantine and Ottoman times. For people looking to experience the wide variety of culture and heritage that Istanbul has to offer, Phanar is the perfect choice. Best known in this part of Istanbul is the Phanar Greek Orthodox College, also dubbed as the 'Great School of Nation'. Though the place is not preferred by the visitors from overseas, Phanar is one of the best choices to plan a budget friendly stay.

4. Old Town

To experience the glory of the past, what is a better place to start other than the past! The oldest part of Istanbul, the Old Town, is a peninsula arrested by water bodies bounded from the north east and south, and connecting with the rest of the place on the western front. Declared as a World Heritage site, the Old Town will offer you a chance to witness some of the most precious historical gems including Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Hagia Irene, Sultanahmet Mosque, Basilica Cistern and the beautiful Hippodrome.

So if you are all set to sweep off your feet, plan a holiday in Istanbul. With enough knowledge on where to stay in Istanbul, you are sure to rock your vacation!