Best Places to Stay in Interlaken

Best Places to Stay in Interlaken

Interlaken, a gorgeously tiny resort town in the picturesque Bernese Highlands amidst the Swiss Alps has become a first-rate tourist destination for all the valid reasons. Sprawling on a narrow stretch of a valley between the Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, Interlaken makes you feel like you have stepped out of your wardrobe and into Narnia. Glistening waters flowing out of towering mountains with cute little timber houses, this place is a skiing and hiking heaven.

So go for the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Interlaken while on your Swiss vacay:

1. Hoheweg

This very centrally positioned street of Interlaken stretches all the way from the centre to Interlaken East. Home to a large number of upscale hotels, restaurants, local boutiques, cafes and nightlife spots, Hoheweg is ideal for luxury vacationers seeking a reason to splurge. Being a prime shopping and entertainment district of Interlaken, Hoheweg is always replete with locals and travelers from sunup to sundown. Besides, the surrounding vistas of Jungfrau mountain and other eminent hills are to die for! Hohematte is another top-rated tourist attraction in Interlaken stationed in Hoheweg. Sporting activities like Paragliding are in full bloom in this area. Seasonal flowers make this neighborhood beyond beautiful.

2. Unterseen

In close proximity to the Interlaken West Railway Station, on the opposite bank of River Aare is Unterseen, a perfect example of a typical Swiss Chalet with wooden buildings and a whole country-like aura. You wouldn’t find many tourists in this neighborhood; it is more historical than the rest of Interlaken. Hotels here are quiet and quirky, with cafes and restaurants serving authentic Swiss food. If this isn’t your first visit to the Bernese Oberland, you would love to base yourself away from the tourist bustle, into this traditional side of Interlaken.

3. Heimwehfluh

For true mountain-babies who travel for no other reason than ‘Nature’, this dazzling village of Heimwehfluh situated above Interlaken would be an unparalleled choice. Besides the magnificent woodland paths, an open-air model railway and a huge playground for the little ones, Heimwehfluh offers a fun bobsled run from up there all the way down to the main station. It has direct connectivity to Interlaken West station, so commutation is never a problem.

So if you wish to taste heaven on Earth, a long vacation to Interlaken is mandatory! Although known to be one of the most expensive countries in the world, accommodations in Switzerland can offer you some cheap thrills as well.