Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Houston, Texas

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Houston, Texas

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Houston, Texas

The most populous city of Texas and the fourth largest in the U.S., Houston would be best described as a sci-fi wonderland! You all know Houston for being one of the world's major energy capitals that also plays home to the NASA center, but what you don’t know about this American city is that it also hosts some of the best Museums, parks and boasts coupled with a splendid skyline.

Whether you are a 5-year-old munchkin or a 26-year-old carrying that little one, the city makes sure that it leaves an impression on you. And to make sure to have the best Houston travel experience, you first need to ensure a safe and happening accommodation for your Houston stay. So check out the best neighborhoods to stay in Houston:

1. Downtown

The business hub of the city, the Downtown district is covered with buildings of major corporate firms and economic giants! But do not be fooled by that, first impressions are hardly the last impressions these days. Downtown has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and will spice up your holiday to Houston exponentially! The area has grown tremendously and is now home to numerous attractions, Restaurants and Shopping centers, thus becoming one of the best neighborhoods for tourists in Houston. The famous Downtown tunnel system is a chain of channels built beneath the huge Skyscrapers, consisting of numerous restaurants and shopping stores and drawing people from all age groups. Another great spot is the Minute Maid Park, which is home to the beloved Astros Baseball team. The park boasts a train station theme, with an actual train riding on the train tracks on the top of the building, and is an attraction worth watching even if you are not a die-hard fan of Baseball. Visit the Saint Arnold Brewing Company if you want to see a product manufactured from start to finish. The company is the oldest brewery in Texas and is a great place for beer aficionados. You can also choose to head to Market Square Park, which the latest attraction of the city, lined up with various cafes and restaurants. With a spectacular skyline and some more attractions including the Bayou Palace, JP Morgan Chase Sky Lobby, Alley theatre, this district will make your trip to Houston worthwhile.

2. The Heights

For someone who appreciates art, there's always something to do in The Heights. Shootout for the scenes, valuable artifacts and multimedia art shows, you can choose your vibe and have a great time in this side of Houston. There are plenty of inevitable sights in this area; Art cars Museum being one of them. This Museum showcases both art and car shows for free entry. The local artists take hunks of metal and transform it into captivating artwork with personal statements. And if you are looking to add some retro charm to your houses, head to the August Antiques, which has a range of antique artifacts dating from the 50s and 60s. There are a lot of things to do in Heights but the best way to assure that you have seen everything in this area, is through the Bayou city bike tours. With knowledgeable and fun guides and plenty of stoppages, this eight-mile trip is worth a try.

3. The Galleria Area

If you choose to stay at Galleria, there is nowhere else you need to go. Galleria is not just a mall, but home to a luxury hotel and numerous restaurants. This attraction play a host to more than 26 million people every year, making it one of the most popular attractions of U.S. You can also indulge yourself in various activities that that the center offer. The place has two swimming pools, Children's Play area, skating rinks, spas, beauty salons and so much more. And if you are here with kids, well, they won't be able to thank you enough! You can leave them in the gaming arcade, which has games for children of all ages. With around 40 dining spaces, evening world-class cuisines and a Jungle themed restaurant, this area becomes a kids’ travelers’ favorite. Also, do not forget to visit the Williams tower that overlooks the center, and is a splendid skyscraper. In Galleria, you will find everything you desire!

This sci-fi wonderland, Houston, makes sure that you won't be able to close your eyes from the moment you get up till the second you doze off!