Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a tourist in Hong Kong

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a tourist in Hong Kong

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a tourist in Hong Kong

An iconic skyline, luxury & grandeur, first rate gastronomy, dynamic culture, and lush green parks with the rarest of flora and fauna, these all are just a few trailers of the thriving tourism Hong Kong has developed over the decades! Asia’s one of the most premier holiday destination, this land is a perfect place to enjoy exotic food, scenery, bustling nightlife and a splurging retail therapy. With expats and locals walking around in their power suits, top Italian and German sports cars whizzing by along with a gorgeous water front harbour, one cannot help but stand jaw-slacked looking at this city! With such a diverse population and equally magnanimous range of tourists it receives, Hong Kong has accommodations for everyone with 5-star hotels for luxury vacationers to budget friendly hotels or hostels for backpackers. And with a good public transportation, moving around the city becomes a cakewalk! So, below is a detailed guide of different areas in Hong Kong perfect for accommodation while travelling:

1. Central Hong Kong

The epicentre of Hong Kong, Central is an area that witnesses maximum action. Regarded as the most cosmopolitan area of the city, Central is gleaming with skyscrapers, sprawling malls, fine dining options, and swanky bars. Having the busiest streets, this neighbourhood in Hong Kong is also the financial and economic centre of the city, where most of the banks and businesses had laid down their roots. With many attractions situated in the Central like the Peak Tram from where you can go to Victoria Peak to marvel at the skyline, Museums, temples, or Observational Wheel, it is quite convenient to stay in this part. Lan Kwai Fong responsible for the famous and throbbing nightlife of Hong Kong is also located right here! So, whether it is sightseeing or partying, Central has it all and hence becomes the greatest reason for being a no.1 choice of tourists to stay in this area. However, with a wide plethora of world-class hotels here to cater all your needs, it may be a tough grind to locate any budget friendly options here.

2. Causeway Bay

Representing Hong Kong’s mindboggling development and its high-end status, Causeway Bay has always been synonymous to shopping. Even though a compact area, it was made sure that each and every sq. Inch of space goes utilised for retail purpose. A small neighbourhood compared to the Central, this area is surprisingly labyrinthine and vast to be explored on foot! But hey, even that is fun here with neon lit and colourful shops! If overwhelmed, head to Victoria Park, the largest green area on the island, and check out some Tai Chi classes going on there. With Happy Valley Racecourse nearby, you can also gamble on horses. Surrounded by a bountiful of restaurants, hotels, and entertainment options, it is a family-friendly area for tourists. With excellent transport, getting anywhere in Hong Kong can never be troublesome. Again, with a large number of opulent properties, locating a pocket-friendly option may be nearly impossible.

3. Kowloon

While most tourists are attracted to the glamorous side of Hong Kong, not many knows about the densely populated other side of Victoria Harbour, also known as Kowloon. Nicknamed as the ‘Dark Side’ of the Hong Kong, Kowloon is often perceived as gritty and chaotic. However, once you explore this more Chinese and less touristy side of the city, you will grow to appreciate the cultural closeness that Kowloon shares. You may not notice any high-heeled, sophisticated expat crowd here. Instead, you will find a more authentic side of Hong Kong with boldly and proudly displayed Chinese culture, delicious eateries all over the place, exotic parks, a beautiful view of the harbour and an upcoming and booming nightlife! With many temples to explore, and housing various museums, as well as incredibly popular Temple Street Night Market, Kowloon is now becoming a perfect area to stay. Being a haven for backpackers with a no. of budget-friendly hotel here, there are plenty of options for 5-star stays overlooking the water too. In short, if you want to experience Hong Kong’s culture then this is the place for you.

Akin to China, Hong Kong is all party and no work; well only for the travellers! So stow your office boredom aside and get groovy with the fun side of Asia!