Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Havana, Cuba

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Havana, Cuba

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Havana, Cuba

Havana, the almost 500 year old island, offers bespoke weathered beauty adorned by extremely openhearted people! Designer purchases, avant-garde art and a heart-winning communism draw in a lot of tourists to Havana!

The colonial capital buildings and art-deco architecture is what you will find in plenty. The city is vibrant, fun, colorful and bursting with Cuban charm. No matter which neighborhood you visit in this city, from Museums to top-notch restaurants, you will surely not get enough of Havana easily. So to make the most of your trip to Havana, try one of these best areas to stay in Havana:

1. Habana Vieja

The neighborhood Habana Vieja is the colonial heart of the city with splendid architecture, historic museums, and open-air plazas. You cannot afford to miss the four main plazas of this district, including Plaza De la cathedral, Plaza de San Francisco, Plaza Vieja, and Plaza Armas. The best way to taste the colonial flavor of Habana Vieja is walk from one plaza to another until you visit all four of them! This entire stroll takes you through the busiest and most interesting streets, churches, shops and restaurants in the area. Plaza de cathedral stands majestically in the center of a wide plaza surrounded by imposing ancient structures, and is where you spot all Havana's barbeque style cathedral. Go towards one of the streets leading through the plazas, where rumor has it, Mojito was invented! Another street leading from the Plaza is where you will find a private enterprise called paladar, known for its sumptuous food. Then comes the Plaza de Armas, where you will find the Museo de la Ciudad or the Museum of the city. The museum boasts an excellent collection of Havana related artifacts and is built in a former government building with a Spanish style inner patio. The plaza itself is very beautiful with splendid Cuban palm trees set amidst an antique market. Plaza Vieja is modern and boasts lively restaurants, all of which have talented musicians playing classical and modern music. And at last, Plaza de San Francisco stands next to the Havana Harbor and is home to a colonial church turned museum, awesome fountains, art galleries and numerous upscale restaurants. If art and culture is your fascination, you will surely know, why this area is one the best areas in Havana.

2. El Vedado

El Velado is an upscale neighborhood of Havana and lies to the west of Centro Habana. The area is filled with urban designs, boasting some really beautiful apartments and buildings. The showstopper of this area is the Fabric de Arte Cubano, also known as the factory of Cuban art. Formerly an oil factory, every weekend, contemporary art exhibitions, dance performances, theatre plays, and Indie music concerts come together in this palace. Find a corner and encounter a bar offering yummy snacks and drinks, with another bar in FAC serving drinks poured from a conveyor belt swinging bottles of rum high above the counter! The upper floors have art galleries and formal dining. All in all, it's like a giant gallery with unusual features. The area El Vedado is a treat to those who appreciate the indulgence in art and is one of the best neighborhoods to explore in Havana.

3. Centro Habana

Centro Habana neighborhood doesn't lag behind when talked about the best neighborhoods of Havana. The neighborhood borders the Malecon, the Havana seawall, a must see location on the isle. Also referred to as Havana's living room, the Macelon is where the locals gather out in the evenings to enjoy the cool ocean breezes and play music. Also in the same area, you will find the building modeled after the capital building in Washington Dc, which is a treat to eyes. Also in the Central Habana lies the Partagas Cigar Museum where you can tour the cigar making factory, try some of the finest cigars in the world and obviously get answers to any of your questions about cigar making. Traveling to Cuban capital and not visiting the Cigar factory would be a huge mistake as you all must know that Cuba is known for its finest and most luxurious cigars in the world! Also, next to the capital building lies the National Theatre where you can watch mesmerizing ballet performances.

In the Cuban capital city, you may actually get tired of exploring its majestic plazas, fine dining restaurants and obviously the history of cigar making.