Best Places to Stay in Hamburg

Best Places to stay in Hamburg

Best Place to Stay in Hamburg

Hamburg is NOT the birthplace of Hamburgers. But aside from the greasy beef patty in a bun, Hamburg has a whole bunch of things to do and see. The excellent waterfront district of HafenCity and the latest Philharmonic Hall have the best intentions to lure travelers.

Hamburg hosts a large number of chain hotels, but mostly in a scattered manner, since the city is aptly large in size. So here are the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Hamburg:

1. Altona

Go west of Hamburg’s centre and you reach Altona, a richly diverse district in Hamburg. Elbe flows beautifully through the southern border of this culturally and ethnically diverse neighborhood. The Alstadt part of this area is home to a lot of beautiful architecture like the Fish Auction Hall and the Grand Altona City Hall. The western edge of this district houses the most prime nightlife area- Ottensen, housing excellent nightclubs like Fabrik. Visit the Alster lake, a place flooded by locals and tourists for Kayaking, sailing, canoeing and cruising opportunities. For shoppers, the streets of Spitaler Strasse and Monckebergstrasse serve as amazing avenues. After dark, head to Rathaus Square for a vibrant evening.

2. Sankt Georg

Nestled close to the city centre is the friendly and vivacious neighborhood of Sankt Georg. Lange Reihe, the most colorful street in Hamburg, replete with cute little boutiques, hip cafes and gay bars runs through the heart of this area. The eminent Deutsche Schauspielhaus Theatre is located right in front of the main train station here. Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe is a leading tourist spot for applied art fans. A direct underground train takes you to the City Hall and the exclusive Neuer Wall shopping plaza in no time.

3. Uhlenhorst

The suburban neighborhood of Uhlenhorst is dominated by classy lakeside villas on the western banks of the Alster Lake. Despite being a vastly residential area of Hamburg, Uhlenhorst is huge on culture. The Ernst Deutsche Theater, Literature House am Schwanenwik and the English Theater all rest in this very neighborhood. Lakeside restaurants are excellent options to enjoy a gourmet fare. This area turns more vibrant as chic yachts glide by. This area serves as an ideal location, being closely stationed to the city center. Tourists reasonable accommodations often base themselves in Uhlenhorst.

Hamburg’s ritzy shopping streets and infamous nightlife makes the city so beautiful and intriguing. So plan your vacay while keeping enough time to unwind this otherwise less-traveled part of Germany. Safe Travels!