Best Places to Stay in Graz

Best Places to Stay

Best Place to Stay in Graz

Counted as the second largest city in Austria, Graz is considered as a living example of charm itself. A place housing the alluring leafy green parklands complete with a sea of red rooftops, one of the most prominent demarcations of the beauty of the city is the Mur River, intersecting the city right in the heart to create a delusion of a beautiful bluff. Deriving inclination from Italy architecturally, Graz stands as a base of several Renaissance courtyards and baroque palaces, giving it a slightly mystical and magical look. Along with the ancient wealth of the place, Graz today is brimming with the youthful energy, competing with the world with its edgily modern buildings, a vibrant arts scene and a hip nightlife.When a place offers you so much, the confusion of what to have and what to let go is genuine.

To help you find the lodgings to your liking, here is the list of the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Graz:

Lend one of the best places to stay in Graz
1. Lend

Thanks to its location in Murvorstadt, also known as the old city or working class neighbourhood, this district of Graz is often looked over by the tourists. However to do so, after the recent gentrification efforts by the city would be absolutely criminal. Giving the district its own look, the uniqueness of Lend makes the district stand as a testament to the confluence of the beauties of the past and the present. Some of the most notable architectural achievement in the region is Grazer Kalvarianberg, Kunsthaus, Mariahilferkirche, Murinsel, Bauernmarkt, Grazer Orpheum and Lendwalk. With commendable infrastructure, excellent road system, great connectivity options and a generous collection of cafes and restaurants to its name, Lend does make an appealing case for accommodation.

2. Gries

Though the place held a shady image as a red light district in the past, Gries is the home for over twenty seven thousand people. The place that was once brimming with erotic clubs attracting people into its premises, today is filled with backyard mosques, schools and kebab shops, turning the table for Gries all together. Still in its developmental phase, Gries is a neighbourhood that is coming up and is a lucrative option for people looking to buy property or looking for temporary accommodation on a budget. Originally an immigrant district, the kind of diversity of thought and culture found in this area cannot be matched by any other, providing a more welcoming environment for people seeking to shift. Though as mentioned earlier, Gries is coming up and hosts some of the best places to shop for the widest collection of the region’s souvenirs.

Gries one of the best places for accommodation in Graz
Geidorf one of the best places to stay in Graz
3. Geidorf

Counted as the third district of Graz, it is located towards the northern end of the first two districts. Counted as one of the best living options in Graz, Geidorf is graced by the presence of a decent architectural and geometric planning, complete with a number of parks and open space; making it an indelible option. Some of the most countable achievements in this district are the University of Graz and the Medical University of Graz, making it an educationally inclined district.

In a place as beautiful as Graz is, to experience and absorb the real beauty of Austria, you need to make sure you have the accommodation is according to your needs. So take your pick and Go Graz!