Best Places to Stay in Gold Coast

Best Places to Stay in Gold Coast

Best Place to Stay in Gold Coast

If we had to dedicate three words to this beautiful town, they would be sun, surf and beaches. A place entirely working on the three elements, this perfect beach town almost gives a surreal image from afar. With sandy beaches to walk on and bewitching sights to witness, from three hundred days of sunny summer to the beautiful hazy sunsets, from the blissful water temperatures to the countless surf breaks, Gold Coast is as close to heaven as Earth can get! So to plan a stay in this pristine metropolis, one of the most elemental decisions is that of accommodation. To help you flip through the best lodging opportunities in the region, here are the best suburbs to plan your stay:

1. Bundall

It is often claimed that the hidden secrets of a place can only be provided by the locals. And if you pay attention to the localne, Bundall will turn out to be the undoubted best option. Most of the residential buildings in the region are placed on a canal with east facing yards presenting you with one of the most mystical sights that Australia has to offer. Bundall is a bundle of everything you would look for in a place to rest your head. Complete with central location, beautiful sights and a mere 5 minute drive to the beach, this place might just be classified as perfect.

2. Broadbeach Waters

If there was one word that would come close to explaining Broadbeach Waters, it would be EVERYTHING. With world class beaches at your doorstep, shopping centres just a small walk away, public transport working as a well oiled machine, nightlife within a stone throw distance and M1(highway) barely 5 minute drive away, this place will give you a staying experience that cannot be matched by any other. Whether you aim to buy or rent an accommodation, this is just the place to be.

3. Labrador and Tallai

If your definition of your visit to Gold Coast is beaches, Labrador is the place you would want to base yourself. The magnet in the region is its close proximity to the Broadway complete with cycling, walking or running tracks, sprawling for miles in close proximity to the beach. A majority of the streets in this suburb are wide and will allow you plenty of space to walk or park your vehicles. Along with this, its proximity to the shops, restaurants, cafes, parks and the water advocate it being the best place to be with a family and children. For some people, relaxation and peace is one of the most primal parts of their trips, and if you associate yourself with that group, Tallai is just the destination for you. Circumscribed by mountains, brimming with lush trees and gardens, this place has confided so subtly with the nature that you can just sit and unwind from the pressures of daily life. However, this doesn't mean you won't witness the beautiful beaches. Being a tropical place, it is just a 10 minutes drive away.