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Best Places To Stay In Geneva, Switzerland

Where to stay in Geneva:

The city of Geneva is that architectural heaven on the earth, endowed with shores of lake and high peaked Jura mountains! The region will give a remarkable experience if you hold a desire to temporarily live between the acoustics of crushing waters and eternal views of alps. The chocolate capital of Switzerland is known for its remarkable history, architecture, and breath taking views. From 3rd largest producer of the country to one of the largest fountains of the world, this beautiful destination has a lot to offer for a rejuvenating experience of life. And if you ever thought of turning into an engineer in your life but turned out you are not, here you can wake up that engineer nerd within yourself and go watch assembling in the city in various watch boutiques. This paradise city will not end to amaze you in any time of the year, as it plays host to a number of international events, ranging from motor to grand fire work displays over lake Leman. So, in a city where there is a lot to feed to your eyes, what completes a trip is its stay. So keeping this in mind, here are the best places to stay in Geneva for tourists:

Geneva old town, one of the best neighbourhoods to stay in Geneva
1. Geneva old town

Also known by the name Vielle Ville, the old town is a picturesque and pleasant place for the literature and architecture enthusiasts. The area contains a lot of cobblestone alleys along with some of the most iconic monuments of all times! Have a stroll to the St. Pierre Cathedral and discover the serenity and the work of art. Don’t forget to climb up the tower to have a panoramic view of the whole city and the Geneva lake. Eating and dining is not a problem to think about, as the area hosts some of the best local artistic restaurants of the town. one can put up at Les armures being one of the best places to stay in Geneva.

2. City centre

From the tourists’ point of view, this is the best place to stay in Geneva, since it has the greatest transport connectivity and also offers some of the best restaurants of the town to grab a bite of Switzerland’s most renowned dish called Fondeau! Shopping streets in this area are very prominent, the Roe du Marche and Rue du Rhone are two parallel streets that one should consider, the streets contain some of the finest jewelry and chocolate shops! So while finding a base in this area, you get to stay in close proximity of all the great sites of the town.

City center is one of the best places for accommodation in Geneva
Eaux-vives, one of the best neighbourhood for accommodation in Geneva
3. Eaux-vives

This place is the heart of the city and in possession of the most infamous monuments, one of the most sought after place for accommodation in Geneva. A 140m high fountain by the name Jet d’Eau in the Lake Geneva. So, stun yourself with breathtaking views of the fountain. And don’t dare to lose the sight of the world’s largest flower clock with more than 6000 flowers! Also, since it is hard to wander with an empty stomach, just grab a bite or two in the local restaurants by the lake.

The city is a heavenly destination with its mesmerizing views and will force you to hang your camera in your neck wherever you go. From chocolate factories to watch making to wine tasting, there’s a lot to experience and wake that young kid within you. So visit this breath taking paradise and yes don’t forget to carry that huge piece of Toblerone with you back home!