Top 3 Areas for Accommodation for a Tourist in Frankfurt

Top 3 Areas for Accommodation for a Tourist in Frankfurt

Top 3 Areas for Accommodation for a Tourist in Frankfurt

The financial and historical capital of Germany, Frankfurt, has surely invested in its beautiful architecture and iconic structures. The city has been in the public eye for its airport and for being the birthplace of the famed writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. A remarkably diverse city, more than 100 languages are spoken in Frankfurt-on-the-Main. You might think a day is enough to wander this city but thanks to its skyscrapers, River Main and numerous monuments, which is exactly where you’re wrong. Do not forget to pack you sneakers with you, this city is purely for walkers!

Here are some best areas to stay in Frankfurt:

1. Romerberg( City Center):

The oldest part of the city, Romerberg (Roman mountain) is the historic heart of Frankfurt, and the only part in this modern city that was recreated to look like Frankfurt before World WarII. This neighborhood in Frankfurt is full of 14th and 15th-century buildings that include various churches with Alte Nikolaikirche being one of the most popular ones. To feed your historical soul, this one’s the best area in Frankfurt. The town hall, which has served the city for more than 600 years, is one of the most important buildings in Frankfurt. Then is the Eiserner Bridge, a footbridge connecting the Sachsenhausen area and one of the highlights of the old town. Make sure you click pictures with the River Main and Frankfurt skyline in the background. For most amazing panoramic and thrilling views of the city, climb up the Main tower, an observation deck 200 meters above the ground. Then there’s the Archaeological garden, where you can see remains of Roman settlements. For shopaholics, there’s Zeli, also known as Fifth Avenue of Germany that offers everything from chic boutiques to international departmental chains. Hotels in this area are abundant; one can very conveniently find a place to bunk in at very reasonable prices.

2. Sachsenhausen:

Just opposite to Altstadt is this district, which also has a lot of things to do in Frankfurt. Here you will find the German Architecture Museum, which showcases the history and art of German film. Another one is Stadel museum, which is known for its architecture. But the best one would be the Senckenberg Museum which exhibits the largest dinosaur skeleton in Europe! The list is not over; other museums to check out are the Museum of Cultures, the Museum of Communication, Icon Museum, and the Jewish Museum. Well, that would be a lot of knowledge to take in, so after taking all in your mind, head to the river and have a quiet stroll, and also fill your appetite with some of the best restaurants and cafes with numerous views in front of your eye! If you are still left with some stamina, take a look at some historic churches of like St. Leonard's church, this gothic style church is worth visiting. And that's not it, you can do a bit of shopping in the Schweizer Platz, where you could find a lot of traditional shops and could not resist yourself from buying even more souvenirs then you actually require. Now talking about accommodation, this is the best area in Frankfurt for a room with a view. Hotels are lined up on the waterfront, offering mesmerizing views.

3. Bockenheim:

This is the most historical part of Frankfurt. The most famous landmark in this district is the Gothic Watch that overlooks Bockenheim, which was constructed in the 15th century and was used by the armies to lookout for enemies. At the foot of the tower, you will find a market, where you can purchase lots of fruits, vegetables. For all those nerds out there, if you haven't find your stuff yet, you’ll be thrilled to see tones of books in this market. And the traditional German houses are the ones you should probably get a click of! One of the major attractions of Frankfurt is the Botanic gardens, which is one of the prettiest gardens in the country exhibiting beautiful flowers and plants on display. Also check out the Leipziger Strasse, a cobbled street that displays diverse lifestyle in terms of its people and architectures. Hotels and restaurants are lined up here, one can easily find a place to put up at affordable prices.

Frankfurt has to be on your wander list! The city's art, architecture, food and of course, the Great German Booze are sure to take your heart away!