Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Dresden

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Dresden

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Dresden

Dresden has a reputation for offering a perfect mix of grand Baroque architecture, history and trendy bars and cafes. Known as the city of art and culture, this holiday spot in Germany offers a wealth of things to see, from museums and galleries to operas and the Classic River Elbe for its visitors from far and wide! Despite the fact that the city was wiped out by the Allied bombs in 1945, Dresden is one of the most beautiful and heart stealing cities in Germany!

Be it the old town of Altstadt or the inner Neumarkt, Dresden travel is filled with some beautiful areas to unwind and capture in your camera. So if you are planning a trip to Dresden, try pick from these best areas to stay in Dresden:

1. Altstadt

Like any other city's old town, Altstadt's Old Town is best known for its glamorous, historic attractions. Featuring a reputation of being one of the most beautiful districts of Dresden, some of the main sights of the district include the Church of Our Lady, Zwinger, The Royal Palace, and Semperoper. Zwinger Palace is one of Germany's most lauded Baroque edifices that has slowly grown into a complex of richly ornamented pavilions, gardens, overlooked by galleries lined with statues and balustrades. One of the many theatrical elements is the Nymphenbad( Nymphet's Bath), a fountain in a hollow that is enclosed by the structures of Nymphs. The Zwinger's Pavilion hosts museums based on the state collections. Another attraction is the Semperoper, also one of the loved attractions of Dresden. This was the second opera house in this area after the first burned down in 1869. The splendid Italian Hall was reopened in the mid-1980s. Boasting an exuberant interior, it is home to performers like Wagner and Richard Strauss. On the façade of the house, look for the statues of Goethe, Shakespeare, Euripides, and Sophocles. The area in itself has received a facelift in recent years, with international restaurants, cafes and top-notch boutiques. You will also catch trendy crowd and high earners of the city moving in, in this district. Also one of the things is the Christmas Market, one that’s claimed to be the oldest functional Christmas market in the world! It opens at the end of November and contains a whole lot of events. With zillion of features and attractions, Alstadt is one of the best areas to stay in Dresden.

2. Loshchwitz

The District Loshcwitz is known for its beautiful villas, the world's oldest overhead railway and other attractions of the city. A walk across the Dresden's most beautiful bridge, Blue Wonder Bridge, brings you to Loshcwitch. Built in two years at the end of the 19th century, this iron and steel bridge stretches around 142 meters across the river Elbe. Also, the river Elbe is one of the many attractions in this district. There are three places overlooking the Elbe in the district – the Linger, Albrechtsberg, and Eckberg Palace. The former two were commissioned by Prince Albert of Prussia and served in the mid 19 century. Eckberg Palace, on the other hand, has been transformed as open for guests. You should choose this district in Dresden if you want to see how the richest people in the world lived in the 1920s and 1930s. With a rare funicular and a great view of the valley below, this one is one of the beautiful districts in Dresden.

3. Neumarkt

The Dresden Neumarkt is the most central and renowned area of the city, famous for its history and recent construction. The area is where the Dresden Frauenkirche is located. Created by one of Europe's largest domes, the majestic Frauenkirche demands your attention. Frauenkirche was totally deteriorated in 1945. The church was rebuilt in recent years and is a focal point of the city's ever-evolving Neustadt. The area was totally wiped out during the Second World War, but now is home to over 150 restaurants and bars and is one of the best places to go out in Dresden! The inner part of the district is loaded with Dresden's fortifications and is recognized or its street art and counterculture, prehistory museums and architectural landmarks. And if you are here in June, do not miss the Bunt Republik Neustadt festival which is held for 3 days in June!

If museums, festivals and lots of cafes and bars if your thing, add Dresden to your wander list!