Best Places to Stay in Cusco

Best Places to Stay in Cusco

Best Place to Stay in Cusco

Cusco, one of the oldest cities in the America, is located at a very high altitude over 3600 m. The city is a treasure trove of exceptional highlights, historical landmarks, superlative food to hog on and exquisite shopping options. Being largely rich in history makes it the number 2 top destination for all kinds of travellers after Machu Picchu. Featuring a subtropical climate that is generally moderate and pleasant all through the year, the city has no specific tourist season, and hosts history buffs at all times. In fact, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was once the Capital of Inca Empire, besides being world famous for its Spanish Architecture!

There are overwhelming number of hotels, resorts, Airbnb and homestays to choose from in Cusco. Hence, it is quite possible to fall prey to confusion while choosing the right place for you in terms of location, price, views and the add-ons. Well don’t worry, as we have got you covered on the best neighbourhoods which provides the view, central location and rich heritage altogether. So here are the best neighbourhoods for your stay in Cusco:

1. San Blas

A short leisure walk from La Plaza De Armas which is the main hub in the city and a little uphill to the central part of the city, San Blas is easily accessible from anywhere in Cusco. Abound with churches, temples, boutique hotels, trendy shops, locals selling handicraft on hustling streets, fascinating museums, attractive souvenirs and delectable restaurants, this neighbourhood has so much to discover that it makes visitors lure to stay more. With the most picturesque neighbourhood giving the panoramic view of this colourful city, one can easily get lost in the winding streets of San Blas. It also boasts a few art galleries plus a bustling veggie and flower market. Go on a stroll to find the hidden gems as you unravel the secret alleys of this neighbourhood in Cusco.

2. San Cristobol

Located on a mountain top, you’ve to climb a giant hill to reach the spot. Since the ride up is ghastly steep, not many people prefer this place for an ideal stay, which makes it a lot too quieter. However, once you reach up there, it gives the most breathtaking views of the city, an experience totally worth the climb. Besides then natural charm, this part of Cusco has a gorgeous, well restored church to explore.

3. Plaza de Armas

Cusco’s main square Plaza De Armes is for all the right reasons- the most touristy, beyond beautiful, always crowded and insanely expensive part of Cusco that covers the most important events, gatherings and festivities taking place in and around the city. So step in for the most amazing experience of your Peru trip here at Plaza de Armas, a neighbourhood snuggled between the Andes mountain that is gorgeously christened with tiled buildings.

These are amongst the top chosen neighbourhoods in Cusco, there are may more to go and a lot more to avoid. Happy Stay!