Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Cordoba, Argentina

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Cordoba, Argentina

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba, the capital of Argentina has a rich history of culture and intellectualism. Unarguably the heartland of Argentina for its location in the geographic center of the country, Cordoba is a picturesque tourist spot offering a bundle of things to see in Argentina. From the University of Cordoba to the Iglesia de Los Capuchinos, the city is lined with historic monuments and artifacts that would keep you busy all day long!

While travelling in Cordoba, you must know that it is not just about the monuments, but also the number of festivals and events that get hosted throughout the year. Besides, if you are a fan of water adventures and other sports activities, the city is not a disappointment at all! So, if planning a trip to Cordoba, base yourself in the best neighborhoods to stay in Cordoba for the best trip ever:

1. Santa Maria

Lying in the heart of old Cordoba, Santa Maria is a chunk of windy cobbled lanes beautiful petty Squares. One of the major attractions of Cordoba is the Plaza de Conde de Priego, where you get to gawk at the important historic monuments of the city. Right opposite to the square is the Iglesia Santa Marina (where many Cordobese bullfighters got married) that offers a pure sight to those who are into history. Facing the church is Taberna La Sacristia, one of the best old-school tapas in the city. It's a place to grab some drinks and home-made Tapas as you watch the world go on by one of the Cordoba's busiest streets. The star attraction of the annual Patios Fiera is also located in Santa Marina. The Vienna is home to 13 patios and courtyards, intricately designed and aromatically populated with a wide range of colorful plants, flowers, and trees. The applauding beauty of this district and a laid-back vibe makes it one of the perfect neighborhoods to stay in Cordoba.

2. Nueva Cordoba

This area in Cordoba has a picturesque architectural surrounding and is Cordoba’s most cosmopolitan district nested right in the heart of the city. One cannot go wrong, if you are wandering here in search of history, architecture, fashion or food. Kick start your day by exploring the inspiring beauty of Iglesia de Los Capuchinos. This glorious church is the creation of Italian architect Augusto Ferrari and dates back to the 1920s. The church has an impressive multi-colored neo-gothic exterior and murals and religious artworks on the inside. Make sure you take a walk inside to peep up at the ceiling for the glimpse of the painted sky. Another awe struck gem of the town that lies in this district is the El Paseo Buen Pastor Cultural center; pretty abstruse for some people to believe that once a women's prison, this cultural center is now one of the best performance spaces of the city. The Center is a fun place to catch live shows and view the artworks displayed on the inside of the Center. Be sure to stick around at the night for the ‘dancing waters' show. The area also has a fashionable quarter around Patio Olmos, which is home to the city's main shopping center, cinemas, food court, and fashion shops.

3. Guemes

Just a stone throw distance from the neighborhood Nueva Cordoba; Guemes is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Cordoba. The neighborhood is known for its cultural offerings and bohemian vibe. At the epic center of the district lies Paseo de las Artes, attracting people of all ages. The Artes is spread among several blocks of Guemes Neighborhood and is a great place to experience the best of the city. The place is great for shopping and browsing original handicrafts, souvenirs, along with vintage accessories and clothing. Also in this street, you get to see some really amazing street performances as you wander the stalls of vendors. And even if you are not in a mood to buy something, the market is surrounded by an array of restaurants, bars, galleries, and cafes. For more options of restaurants and dining areas, check out the food joints in the charming and well- designed shopping area called Muy Guemes. So if you are into delicious food and splendid art, Guemes is the best neighborhood in Cordoba.

Cordoba has a varied travel scene with every neighborhood having a vibe of its own. Talk about the vibrant Guemes or the laid-back Santa Maria, Cordoba would surely win your heart!