Where To Stay In Copenhagen? Find Best Places To Stay, Copenhagen

Best places to stay in Copenhagen

Where to stay in Copenhagen?

The vivacious capital of the world’s oldest kingdom brings you the most vibrant architecture, sweeping canals, bicycles skittering all over and the Oh! so friendly Danes! The entire city can easily be accessed on bike, with all the main spots in close vicinity. But every neighborhood in Copenhagen has its own character. So take a moment to decide your style and budget, and choose among the top 3 places to stay in Copenhagen:

Indre By, one of the best places to stay in Copenhagen
1. Indre By (City Centre)

The oldest neighborhood of Copenhagen (it began to flourish in 1167!) is Indre By, the inner city. A maze of medieval alleys and lively squares, it’s unarguably the chirpy heart of the capital city and the best place to find your accommodation in Copenhagen. Stroget, one of the world’s longest pedestrian streets stretches through this area from Kongens Nytorv in the east to Radhuspladsen in the west. City centre boasts Denmark’s rich architectural and artistic past with its historical buildings, museums and churches, primarily the legendary Rundetarn. Exploring this area on foot is immense pleasure, especially for patrons who love to explore big brand stores. This neighborhood is ideal if you wish to ‘feel’ Copenhagen!

2. Vesterbro

Once a red-light district of Copenhagen is now a swanky district exhibiting ethnic eateries, markets, nightlife and street arts. It lies to the south of City Centre and has some of the best hotels in Copenhagen. Halmtorvet, the main plaza here is swarming with cafes and bars, live music and upscale lounges. Frederiksberg, the far end of Vesterbrogade is the wealthiest neighborhood around that houses some of the most affluent parks and villas of the city. For travelers who seek culture, this locality hosts a lot beyond shopping avenues and eateries. All in all, Vesterbro hosts an electric vibe and suits travelers who don’t mind some noise.

Vesterbro, one of the best places to visit in Copenhagen
Christianshavn, one of the best places to stay in Copenhagen
3. Christianshavn

Replete with canal everywhere, this residential neighborhood lies to the East of the city. Travelers call it ‘Little Amsterdam’ with its old Dutch houses, abundant canals and cobbled streets. Inderhavnen, Copenhagen prime waterway, separates Christianshavn from the rest of the city. Connectivity to the city centre is copious with many public transports and biking paths, besides a large number of bridges. Visit the Opera House and Vor Frelsers Kirke Church as you stroll through the ‘free city’ of Christiania. Christianshavn is an ideal hippie commune with endless charm and magnificence!

There is a reason why Danes are the happiest nationality on earth; their friendly and tolerant attitude is infectious! So plan a vacay to this rather undiscovered destination of the dreamy North!