Best Places to Stay in Constanta

Best Places to Stay in Constanta

Best Place to Stay in Constanta

Bask in the Black sea sun, splurge in a casino, explore the museums and slurp out a mighty fine seafood dish- Constanta awaits you in its wave of history and cosmopolitanism! This gorgeous port of Romania brings it all down to one architectural Pandora’s Box, blending the Turkish, Catholic, Jewish and Orthodox styles. This fairly affordable vacation spot lets you sit in the lap of luxury for way less than most other euro-tows.

From fancy mansions to pocket-friendly hostels, Constanta rents lodgings for all kinds of travelers. So if visiting this side of Romania, base yourself at one of the top 3 places to stay in Constanta for tourists:

Mamaia one of the best places to stay in Constanta
1. Mamaia

The obvious answer to anyone seeking an accommodation in Constanta, Mamaia is a Romanian mecca for bacchanals and hardcore drinkers. And with such a crazy nightlife comes many hotels and hostels to give the revelers some rest! Constanta’s most expensive hotels and resorts lie in this neighborhood, giving way to a lot of uptown tourists. However, it is equally scouted by backpackers and budget travelers looking for cheap thrills. The nearby casino lets you indulge in gambling, with the main beach offering a lot in the daytime. Try one of the amazing water sports or simply bask on the sun bed to practice people-watching, Mamaia is a great place to stay at for tourists.

2. Vama Veche

This tiny village close to the Bulgarian border hosts travelers from both Romania and the neighbor. Being the ultimate destination for revelers, Vama Veche is replete with nightclubs, restros and beach front bars. To get the most authentic experience of this area, barter a drink or two for a sail with some fisherboat crew; you’ll be thrilled! For extreme partiers, the ideal time to hit this beach is August or September, when Vama Veche hosts Stufstock, a crazy rock music festival that emanated as a revolt against the urbanization in this area. Do so with a pizza slice from Marina Park. Homestays are the best option to stay in Vama Veche. Besides, there are a bunch of hotels too.

Vama Veche most recommended place for accommodation in Constanta
Eforie one of the best places to stay in Constanta
3. Eforie

This famous Resort Town fringing the Black Sea draws maximum affluent travelers visiting Romania. For an impeccable spa treatment, nothing beats the North and South of this district in Constanta. Toward the North is the High Coast, an eminent promenade hosting hordes of vacationers every season. However, the area also houses many 3-4 star hotels against the flamboyant resorts.

So if you are ready to explore Romania in its full bloom, try Constanta. You will realize how much more Europe has to offer beyond Paris and Swiss!