Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Colombo

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Colombo

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Colombo

Though it might have trouble reclaiming its 19th-century moniker of 'The Garden City of the East', Colombo has now emerged as a must-see destination in the Sri-Lankan region. Earlier recognised as just another sprawling city, Colombo has now morphed into something worthy of its fame, providing you the perfect push for your Sri Lankan explorations. A strikingly commercialized modern city, the legacies of colonial Colombo's garden roots are still deep rooted in its beautiful boulevards. One of the most elemental parts of its colonial architecture is the fort which is kept intact, thanks to the constant restoration projects. If you want to step out of the historical side of Colombo, the cosmopolitan side supports are made up of stylish eateries, shops, clubs and galleries. For the people who like to explore the local cuisine, this is one place that will be full of convivial cafes, local eateries and beautiful locations.

In a place with as beautiful a skyline as this, giving you characterful shops and tiny happy collection neighbourhoods, Colombo can easily confuse you about where to find an accommodation. To help you through the streets and alleyways, here is the list of the best 3 neighbourhoods for a tourist in Colombo:

1. Mount Lavinia

Located at barely a distance of 20 minutes from the centre of the city, Mt. Lavinia is one of the most densely populated regions famed for its beautiful residences and architecture. Since decades, Mount Lavinia has been considered to be the hot spot for a wide plethora of tourists, thanks to the long stretch of beautiful golden-sand beaches. Deriving its name from the residence of the great Sir Thomas Maitland, the Governor of Ceylon, this is placed at the iconic Mount Lavinia. A popular venue for tourists and locals alike, with thousands of people flocking the beach during the weekends and holidays, this is one of Sri Lanka's main sea and sun bathing spots. Along with that, this neighbourhood in Colombo gives you a chance to witness the most beautiful sunsets experienced in Sri Lanka. For foodies and revellers, the place has a profusion of beach restaurants, hotels and bars, besides a golden mile of beach.

2. Bambalapitiya

Numbered as Colombo 04, this suburb is one of the most bustling towns in Colombo that hosts one of the premier choices for people who are looking to find a roof in Colombo. The focal point of Sri Lanka's largest number and size of the malls in the region, with the most gigantic one being the Majestic City, a building that can single-handedly act magnet for hundreds of visitors offering them a large variety of offer dresses, perfumes, DVD's, electronic items along with the best movie theatre in the region. Similar to Kollupitiya, Bambalapitiya houses a number of pubs, clubs, casinos, restaurants and eateries providing you an excellent environment to live in. The marine drive area in the region is also sprinkled with a wide plethora of hotels, guesthouses and inns, thus making it a supreme choice for tourists looking for short, low-budget accommodation.

3. Kollupitiya

For those who do not like to do intensive planning and R&D before heading for a vacation, Kollupitiya is simply one of the best cities to go to, offering you a multitude of dinning and enternatiment options. Numbered as Colombo's 03, Kollupitiya is one of Colombo's most popular residential cum business districts, acting home to a number of organization including places like banks to large conglomerates and government institutions, diplomatic offices to IT companies and of course the alluring hotels and apartment in aplenty. One of the most iconic landmark in the region is the Liberty Plaza, the only posh, upmarket shopping mall that houses a large number of colloquial and international brands, making it an excellent choice for people looking to buy souvenir for friends back home. With a wide variety of restaurants, food outlets, food courts and small eateries, this can be an excellent choice for the people looking to try out the local cuisine of the place. As your day is sorted, the night can also be well celebrated in the region, with the wide profusion of bars, karaoke lounges, nightclubs and casinos.

In an island like Sri Lanka, Colombo is one of the best places to stay. To make sure that your stay is a success, make sure to match your list to ours.