Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Casablanca

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Casablanca

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Casablanca

The industrial and financial heart of Morocco is close to becoming the contemporary Rome of Morocco with this art deco buildings and modern architecture. Though it wasn’t much under the travel limelight since most wanderlusts focused on the boho vibe of Marrakech or the exotic Tangier, Casablanca is now seeing an upsurge in tourists’ eyes.

So as you begin to chart down your itinerary about things to do in Casablanca, confirm where are you going to put up. Try these top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Casablanca:

1. City Center

The best place to stay in Casablanca would undoubtedly be the city center. With all the touristy spots at an arm’s distance, city center offers you a mix of things to unwind. Be it the port or the sun-kissed beaches, you can get anywhere at the blink of an eye. Talk about Boulevard Hassan I serving excellent local tangines, Najib Mahfoud Street offering many bars and nightclubs to party in Casablanca or the famous Boulevard Mohammed Zerktouni exhibiting all budget hotels, the city center houses it all! In fact, the iconic Mosque of Casablanca is in close proximity to this area too. For art aficionados, the Ahmed Chowki Street houses a bunch of budding art galleries. Overall, this affluent side of Casablanca is a lookalike of some South-European city.

2. Corniche

The gleaming sands of Corniche put forward many fancy hotels and upscale resorts around the beach area. Some say it resembles to the bustling shore of New Jersey with accommodations lined on one side of Boulevard de la Corniche and nightclubs on the other. Boulevard de l’Ocean Atlantique houses many mint properties for travelers. Those seeking a western fast food escape definitely visit this area for its vast selection of such brands. For movie lovers, there is a nice theater in this neighborhood. But above everything else, the whole vibe of this place is downright requiescent. Just sit idle at one of the seaside cafes or bars and sip in a drink with some wave-music in the backdrop.

3. Place Mohammed V

This is the beating heart of Casablanca, housing almost all the main Government buildings and monuments. The legendary French Consulate, the Palace of Justice, the main Bank of Morocco and the chief Post Office- all rest in this vicinity. Ornate with many beautiful fountains and gardens, Place Mohammed V is the most sought-after area for people-watching, both for tourists and locals. The bustling Central Market is at a walking distance from here, where you can shop to infinity!

So stroll along Mohammed V, gawk at the towering curved balconies, try a dessert at Villa Zevaco, visit the sweeping Mosque of Hassan II and splurge out at the bustling Marche Central. Casablanca is ready to serve you!