Top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Capri

Top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Capri

Top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Capri

The legendary island of Capri is split in half by the Monte Solaro. The city is divided into two parts; to the west, you get the quieter area of Anacapri, while you have the more lively area of Capri towards East. The old town of Capri can be found up in the hills along two hillsides sloping towards the sea. If you want to experience the real beauty and ambiance that Capri has to offer, then you can choose to stay in a hotel with sea views if possible. The majority of town includes bars, restaurants, and various activities can be found between the Villa Helios and Piazzetta. The city is loaded with pedestrian streets which are lined with small boutiques which will also please the shopaholics.

Check out the best places to stay in Capri:

1. Capri Town

This romantic island of Capri town is one of the perfect places to stay in Capri. However, if you want to make the most of this destination, it’s best to stay in one of the hotels with the breathtaking views of the Tirreno Sea in the small but lively city. When Exploring Capri, you must visit the Piazzetta, Capri's elegant open-air drawing room lies at the heart of medieval town. The square conserves its modest urban architecture and is at the epicenter of the island's bustling scene. The most popular Passegiata leads along via Tragara to the Belvedere di Tagara and serves full on views of the Faraglioni, the three limestone stacks. Capri is known for its designer fashion shops and you can also explore the exclusive luxury boutiques on via Camarelle or stroll along the natural picturesque path up to the Arco Naturale, a towering natural arch formed from eroded rock. There are plenty of accommodation options located in the centre of town, on the side of the hill looking over the Piccola marina or in the front of the bustling Marina Grande Port. When you talk about beaches, Capri town has got some those as well.

2. Ana Capri

Set slightly further out of bustling Marina Granda and Piazzetta, the area of Ana Capri offers a quiet and laid back experience than Capri town, offering calmer nightlife and beautiful views over vineyards and olive groves. From, Ana Capri, you can take a cable car ride that takes you all the way down into the sunset, and transports you to Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island. The point is an oasis with panoramic views and where all of the island's flowers bloom. You can choose to climb up the cliff top Villa San Michele, built in a Swedish style. Also, there's a church of San Michele Arcangelo, but not all of them make it as far as that. You can also find Ana Capri's Napoleonic forts, exploring the roads that join the lighthouse and the famous Gruta Azul, shopping in the small beaches such as Mesolaand Orrico on your way. Ana Capri is also known for its artisanal goods selling the shop and you can head to Viale Axel Munthe, where you will find shops with plenty of specialized clothes and crafts. The city is well connected to the Capri town, but you don't really need to go anywhere if you are in Ana Capri, because of the exclusive beach club restaurants, as well as numerous hotels and resort options that it offers.

3. Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola is one of the sunniest spots on the island and also is one of the most popular ones. The island is great to enjoy a lazy day of tanning and swimming while gazing at some impressive sea views. This picturesque bay on the south is opposite the Faraglioni Rocks, which are three limestone stacks that rise out of the sea. Marina Piccola is flanked by a steep rock wall that shelters it from the wind. The water here is warm for most of the months in the year, even in winters. There are also bathing establishments where you can buy refreshments or maybe rent some chairs and sun loungers. During summers, you can choose to take a boat ride from the small landing wharf over to Faraglioni Rocks. Marina Piccola is loved for its views, clear water, and its mythological significance. Over all, it’s a great beach to unwind and relax.

Be it the splendid beach views, monuments or shopping streets, there's something that everyone would find to indulge in this city of Capri!