Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Cairo

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Cairo

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Cairo

Sun, sand and good old days! Cairo is a vastly high-spirited city with its fossil-aged pyramids, 10th century palaces, resplendent mosques and infinite grand avenues. Talk about the crowd? Oh it leaves Manhattan to shame! This dense metropolis can often be way too overpopulated, so don’t even try to steer clear of the whirl of people here.

Cairo is the perfect example of East meets West. So as you skim through the largest African city, base yourself in one of the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Cairo:

1. Downtown Cairo

Wust-al-balad (Centre of the town) is an ideal spot to base yourself if you are not one of those checklist tourists who wish to cover it ALL! Having minimal touristy spots, this not-so-old-neighborhood (built in the 19th century) offers more of quirky art galleries, Parisian boulevards and Euro-type architecture. To know what it’s like to be actually living in Cairo, Downtown fits in perfectly- business centers, shopping venues, residential areas and of course, lots of traffic! The area is a budget hotels paradise, When staying in this district in Cairo, don’t miss out on the incredible Shwarma stands and koshary houses.

2. Garden City

This one is a small yet lush, opulent neighborhood in Cairo, posing abundant narrow and curving tree-lined boulevards and villas of all shapes and sizes. Many high-end and medium range hotels lie in this Egyptian district, some offering excellent vistas of the Nile. The bustling main avenue called Qasr Al-Aini marks the eastern edge of this area, showcasing umpteen eateries and street vendors. Falafel, Koshary aand juices here are sinful to be missed! To the opposite of this street are the Abdeen Palace Museum and the beautiful Sayeda Zeinab Mosque. The picturesque Manyal island is right over the southern tip of Garden City, housing Cairo’s most eminent hotels and resorts. All in all, this neighborhood is for people not traveling on a very fierce budget. If you are willing to splurge a few extra bucks on your sojourn, you will get plenteous options here.

3. Heliopolis

For business travelers, nothing beats this contemporary neighborhood stationed in close proximity to the airport. Bustling with restaurants and nightlife, Heliopolis is a magnet to many hip and bacchanal travel bugs as well. Even for shopaholics, there is a gigantic mega mall in this district, home to top fashion brands and eateries. if traveling with family, there is a great theme park for the little ones and an upscale golf course for the serious ones!

Watch the sun set over the Nile, go horse riding in the desserts or gawk at the pyramids, more would always be less while vacaying in Cairo.