Best Places to Stay in Cairns

Best Places to Stay in Cairns

Best Place to Stay in Cairns

A long way away from the boggy swamps and the rollicking goldfields port, Cairns today stands as a beautiful culmination of rainforests and modern cities. Housing a number of resorts, souvenir shops and countless resorts along with a thousand reminders of proximity to the Great Barrier, the place has unabashedly geared towards tourism. Though, according to the old salts, Cairns has lost its soul, but it still owns an infectious holiday vibe. Along with a plethora of clubs, bars, eateries and restaurants the place has been converted into a social hub. As a matter of fact, there is no beach in the region; the alluring Esplanade Lagoon is something not many places have the audacity to compete with. However, when you plan your stay in the region, the variety of places Cairns offers are definitely a tough choice to be in settling. So to deal with your confusion in options, here is a list of the best neighbourhoods for accommodation for a tourist in Cairns:

1. Palm Cove

In a place with palm in its original name, the vibe you can expect replicates the tropical holiday that you have always been dreaming about. There is no doubt about the fact that Palm Cove stands out to be a favourite for both the natives and the tourists, given its beauty in the environment. From its white sandy beaches lined with the beautiful palm trees to its beautiful streets, the place itself might remind you that the idea that paradise exists. A fantastic setting for the tourists, the place offers seafront hotels, restaurants and even apartments for the ones who plan to stay here for a longer while. Some of the most attractive places in the region include Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest, Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, Flames of the Forest Cultural Experience, Hartley's Crocodile Adventures, Skyrail Cableway and Cape Tribulation, making it one of the best connected places in the region.

2. Edmonton

Located in close proximity with the main city of Cairns, Edmonton is similar to Gordonvale in its settlement. Originally settled as a sugar milling town, the place has now transitioned into a famous, well settled suburb of the larger city of Cairns. This region initially held the moniker of Hambledon because of its proximity to the Hambledon plantation and mill, but eventually the name changed to Edmonton after a village in England. There is a multitude of fantastic pub style accommodations, complete with quaint bed & breakfasts for the tourists and the accommodation for people who wish to settle, offering you more upmarket options with apartment and resorts that are available there. Some of the major attractions in the region include Walsh's Pyramid and Sugarworld making it one of the best options to find in the accommodation field.

3. Bayview and Redlynch

Complete with a lot of exciting options in the vicinity, the place will have you oscillating between the historical sites to the cultural outlets along with the other exhaustive list of the all other colloquial attractions in the area. Finding yourself in the region will give you a chance to discover new places. Highlights in the area include the historical monuments, adventurous, natural attractions and a plethora of eateries to try out for you. Some of the best tourist attractions in the region include Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Kuranda Scenic Railways, Four Mile Beach, Paronella Park, Daintree Rainforest, Agincourt Reef and Sunday Market. Redlynch, a very residential suburb, located right in the lap of a rainforest, with beautiful area setting in the region, has nature engulfing itself with the architecture. Located in close vicinity of the Freshwater Creek Valley, the place is dedicated to horticulture, making it a sight for sore eyes. A very family friendly area, you will find that the perfect environment to spend the family vacation, featuring swimming opportunities in the creek. Some of the must try activities in the region include Barefoot Tours, The Float Studio Cairns, Uncle Brain's Tours, Rapid Boarded, Food Trail Tours, Billy Tea Safaris and Foaming Fury.