Best Places to Stay in Buffalo

Best Places to Stay in Buffalo

Best Place to Stay in Buffalo

Besides the oft famed Chicken Wings in Buffalo, the city is a plate full of surprises! Swarming with its long suffering sports team, a great nightlife, good museums and cultural attractions and tight knit neighbourhoods, Buffalo is replete with an ever-expanding community spirit and a real sense of the States. However, what steals the show in Buffalo is the still-palpable sense of history as an important industrial centre. The monumental places and sites tell the story of the greatness of the city, if one is an avid historian.

With one of the best neighbourhood arrangement in the states, Buffalo is full of options to avail. Here we present you with the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Buffalo:

1. Delaware Park

Topping the charts for best accommodations in Buffalo, Delaware Park is the jewel of the Olmsted system, 350 acres of meadow, forest and lake. Still under restoration, this park is one of the best places to offer luxury stays in Buffalo, especially to overseas travelers. The camping opportunities in the region make it ideal for adventurers and nature lovers. Some of the best cabins are available at Cape Henlopen, Killens Pond and Trap Pond State Parks located in the western wing.

2. Starin Central

Another one in the vicinity of Delaware Park, Starin Central is a neighbourhood successfully registered in the list of merits as one of the best places to find accommodation for both short and long stay. Generally assumed as a family place, Starin Central is equally frequented by people with non-marital status, serving as a peaceful and low-crime range. Another one factor advocating in the favour of staying here is its proximity to the cafes and restaurants, making sure you never have a dearth of new things to try.

3. North Park

If ever the density of population in Buffalo is weighed, North Park is one of the top five places to come up on the list. Located in the northern part of the city, this district in Buffalo is famous worldwide for its North Park Theatre. Along with this, North Park provides you with every wonder of concrete miracle available to man for luxury. Hotels are provided with the most efficient systems of working and budget friendly options. Another boon of choosing the place would be for its wonderful location, providing access to almost every nook and corner of Buffalo easily through a well built transportation network.

Buffalo’s offerings for travellers are as eclectic and fun as the people residing in the city. Delve into its expansive history and architecture marvels in the daytime, and chow down on the innovative food or party all night with the locals, Buffalo is sure to keep you busy from sunup to sundown!