Best Places to Stay in Buenos Aires

Best Places to Stay in Buenos Aires

Best Place to Stay in Buenos Aires

An effortless combination of faded European grandeur with the Latin passion, Buenos Aires is one of the very few places which successfully encapsulate the true essence of Argentina. Housing some of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in the South American region, Buenos Aires has visibly earned the title of being a concrete jungle. Profuse with charming corners and tidy high-rise apartments, the place though reminding the construction of Paris, has retained its own distinct character by letting the old traditions breathe under the wide metropolis.

To help you find your way around the place like a local and to aid you in picking up the right neighbourhood to find a roof, here is the list of the best neighbourhoods for accommodation in Buenos Aires:

1. Recoleta

Counted as one of the most elegant neighbourhoods in the region, Recoleta breathes as a high class residential and commercial district. Known as the Little Paris of Buenos Aires, the locality boasts large gardens, fashionable hotels, and squares, French style residences in addition to a plethora of museums, restaurants and cafes. Another one of the most famous attraction in the place is the Basilica of Nuestra Senora Del Pilar, counted among the oldest church of the city celebrating the Spanish colonial architecture. The focal point of a profusion of luxury hotels, Recoleta has firmly established its roots as the most cultured in Buenos Aires. If you happen to spend the weekend in the region, you can enjoy the local street performances, sports events, art exhibits and curio shops in the parks. One of the most upscale neighbourhoods providing the best services, Recoleta definitely earns its name at the top of the list.

2. Palermo

Counted as the largest and the greenest in the region, Palermo is home to nearly 350 acres of parks, wooded areas, and lakes. Designed by French landscape architect Charles Thays in 1874, the place was designed in a manner that provides you the much needed respite from the rush of cosmopolitan life. One of the favourite destinations for families, there is an availability of picnic, bicycling, jogging, in-line skating and sun-tanning making it a famous destinations. The green area in the place will be an absolute delight for the nature-loving people offering the wide variety of Argentine trees. One of the famous places in the region is the Botanical Garden, profuse with many different and exotic species all the way from Asia, Europe and the Southern America all planted in unity. Some other famous names in the region include Plaza Italia, Sociedad Rural Argentina, the Rosedal and the Planetarium Galileo Galilei.

3. Las Cañitas and Puerto Madero

If we had to choose one of the safest places to reside in Buenos Aires, Las Cañitas would definitely be bagging the first position. Housing the military training base, this locality has dominance over its contenders. Las Cañitas is the gastronomic focal point in the regions, residing more restaurants than any other place in the region. A simple stroll down the place will give you a chance to witness huge exclusive boutiques, beauty and health spas, leather goods, antique stores and liquor galleries, rightfully earning it the title of shopping focal point. Featuring a perfect weather all along with pleasant temperatures, this place serves as a mecca for outdoors leisure time. One of the newest additions in the list, Puerto Madero has risen to the level of the trendiest place in the town. The transition of the place from the abandoned brick warehoused version to the new upscale residential apartments, loft apartments, offices and restaurants has made a new name of the place in history. The afternoons in the region can be spent cycling down the wide pathways, walking along the docks or simply lingering over coffee and pastries.

Even in a place as beautifully developed as Buenos Aires, one needs to be careful while deciding their accommodation. To make the right choice, match your list with ours.