Best Places to Stay in Bucharest

Best Places to Stay in Bucharest

Best Place to Stay in Bucharest

Romania's capital, known for its wide, tree-lines boulevards, and glorious posh lifestyle, Bucharest has a reputation for the high life, earning it the nickname of 'Little Paris' during the 1900s. Today, Romania's largest city is a bustling metropolis with all the boons of the concrete life along with good museums, beautiful parks and trend inspiring cafes. Complete with the House of the Free Press, The Arch of Triumph, Calea Victoriei and Cantacuzino Palace, this place one of the must-visit places.

Accommodation in Bucharest is a la-di-da affair and hence plays one of the biggest selling factor. So here is the list of the top 3 places to stay in Bucharest for a tourist , offering apt lodging options along with best connection to the rest of the city.

Berceni, the best place to stay in Bucharest
1. Berceni

Located in the southern part of Bucharest, Berceni is locally known as the place where the wind enters Bucharest. A former working class neighbourhood, this place is consisted mainly of apartment clocks, along with a thriving population. Offering many resource friendly lodgings, this place is also famous for its high concentration of tourist destinations such as Metropolieli Hill, Patriarchate Church, Antim Monastery, Hanil lui Manuc and National Contemporary Art Museum at a walking distance prioritizing Berceni for many people. Berceni is one of the best areas to book a hotel in Bucharest.

2. Dorobanti

Located in a neighbourhood in Sector 1, Dorobanti is dominated by red brick buildings and glass structures. Being one of the most posh sectors for living, this district in Bucharest is replete with wide roads and numerous intersections including Perla, Dorobanti Square, Lahovari, Charles de Gaulle and Quito Square. This area is also known for a large number of embassy buildings, local cafes and restaurants. So this confluence of the culture of the 19th century and today's architecture is one of the most historically significant places in the vicinity. For concrete lovers and historians, Dorobanti serves as a perfect place to stay in Bucharest.

Dorobanti, an ideal place for accommodation in Bucharest
Militari one of the best places for accommodation in Bucharest
3. Militari

Located in the western part of Bucharest, Militari is the focal point of apartment buildings been built during the 1950s by the Communist Party. What was formerly a very compact neighbourhood serving three parallel boulevards has now become one of the most prosperous regions in Bucharest. In the recent years of development the district has witnessed the inauguration two hypermarkets, a large mall and a new theatre in its own premises. This gives an inception of city in town and makes the place self dependent in many terms. Book an accommodation of your choice in Militari which range from 1-2 star to the fancy 4 star ones.

So while visiting this beautiful city, make sure you base yourself in one of these best places to stay in Bucharest. At the end of the day, we all need a nice bed to crash into!