Best Places to Stay in Brussels

Best Places to Stay in Brussels

Best Place to Stay in Brussels

Brussels is a rather understated European capital, but gives you more than a bang for your buck. It is a melting point of varied cultures besides being a business hub. There is art & architecture, shopping, food and loads of booze.

So when traveling across Belgium and thinking where to stay in Brussels, consider these top 3 places for finding an accommodation in Brussels:

City Center one of the best areas to stay in Brussels
1. City Center

An obvious choice for first time visitors and people who love ancient European towns, City Centre is all action and no boredom! All the cobbled streets lead to the mighty Grand Place here as you skim through the step-gabled guild houses like Town Hall. To the south of this area is the elegant Place du grand Sablon plus the world-class Royal Museum of Fine Arts. Buildings that were earlier run-down are now renovated and face-lifted. Antique shops, art galleries and swanky cafes flood this neighborhood. It is the largest pedestrianized areas in Europe, offering a whole lot for people who like to live in the thick of it all! Needless to say, it is one of the best areas to stay in Brussels.

2. Ixelles

Known for its expat population, Ixelles is a large off the beaten kibbutzy that has character and swank, making a first rate traveler’s choice for where to stay in Brussels. One part of this neighborhood is Chatelain- leafy ponds, café culture and an abbey leading down to the lush Bois de La Cambre; while the other side Chaussee d’Ixelles houses Matonge ( African Quarter) and the Cemetery with its wide student population and a slick nightlife. Avenue Louise is all for the highbrowed fashion shoppers. It is mostly the Second Center of Brussels inhabited by the wealthy Belgians.

Ixelles one of the best places to stay in Brussels
Schaerbeek one of the best neighbourhoods to stay in Brussels
3. Schaerbeek

To the north of the City Centre is Anderlecht, a scattered district replete with Brussels hotels and family-owned B&Bs. This district is known to be a melting pot of varied cultures, art, architecture, food and booze, making it one of the best places to live in Brussels. The narrow puzzling alleys boast a lot of Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture. The neighborhood is extremely well planned with lush green spaces, wide and open streets besides many cultural centers and sports facilities. Quartier de Fleurs and Musee d’Art Spontane are worth a visit in this area.

Every district in Brussels in so varied and different that you wouldn’t feel like you are traveling the same city. So plan a long vacay to the city and get a taste of all that Brussels has to offer!