Best Places to Stay in Bruges

Best Places to Stay in Bruges

Best Place to Stay in Bruges

Bruges is a postcard-perfect quaint capital of Burgundy that lets you indulge in loads of beer and chocolates. With a UNESCO World Heritage site right in the heart of it, Bruges is Europe’s best preserved pre-motorized city. Unlike other cities, the best time to enjoy this city is midweek, and not in summers, when the crowd are fewer and city is quieter. Thinking where to stay in Bruges? Check out our list of top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Bruges:

City Center, one of the best places to stay in Bruges
1. City Center

The most beautiful piece of medieval history is this quarter of Bruges- The City Center. Right in the heart of it is the Grote Markt, a massive square circumscribes in touristy souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, and much more. Belfry, an 83 m tall spire in this very area can be accessed to the top by stairs, offering the most magnificent view of the city. Besides, City Center is where all the action happens- most of the popular churches, chapels and museums rest here. For bacchanals, city center houses all the major party areas in Bruges. If you are ready for some splurge, take the city’s Hot Air Balloon Ride that takes off from this very district in Bruges.

2. North Center

It is always best to stay in close proximity to the most action-packed and tourist area of any city. And for Bruges, it is the Historic Center. Although, if looking for some peace and quiet too, try the North Center. This neighborhood is at a walking distance from the main square. The famous Jerusalem Church of the gothic period lies in the North Center. Then there is an offbeat Diamond Museum for the luxury admirers, a place that briefs you on the history of diamonds. Accommodations are mostly economically priced in this neighborhood, offering many traditional bars and Irish pubs to spend a nice evening.

North Center one of the best places for accommodation in Bruges
Sint Anna, recommended place to stay in Bruges
3. St. Anna

Right in the middle of this residential, cobblestoned neighborhood sit the legendary St. Anne’s Church, a prime tourist spot in Bruges. St. Anna is only a few blocks away from the super busy and super central Burg Square. Kantcentrum is a renowned Lace Centre and museum in Bruges, exhibiting the city’s world-famous laces. Stroll up this beautiful neighborhood along Sint Annarei, the lane following the canal, and lose yourself in the breathtaking streets of Row Houses. To the east is the Old Town ring, where an 18th century mill stands tall.

Like all popular tourist destinations, Bruges too goes houseful in peak seasons and summer months. So plan your itinerary and bookings well in advance to get the maximum bang for your buck!