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Best places to stay in Brno

Where to stay in Brno

When asked from the natives, the image of Brno is not considered to be very lively. Especially after the release of the movie Nuda v Brne, its image worldwide has also taken a hit and not many people are now convinced to travel here. The truth about Brno is however not even close to this much-hyped opinion. The students attending the university here can ensure the presence of several lively pubs and bars that can easily compete with that of Prague. To the list of credentials, one can also add some excellent microbreweries and at least two of the country's best restaurants. With countless reasons to let travellers have a great sojourn, Brno is no less than Prague! So here is a list of the 3 best places to stay in Brno.

Brno north, one of the best and the most famous place to stay in Brno, Czech Republic
1. Brno-north

The second largest neighbourhood in Brno, Brno North currently holds an estimate of around forty seven thousand residents. Large areas of mature and well-kept greenery among the low-density buildings, this place is one of the best sought after to live simply because of the surroundings. Not just the beautiful landscapes but the proximity with the centre makes sure that you're never missing out on anything. Be it restaurants or cafes, everything is at an arm’s distance from the point of accommodation. With such a picturesque location and close proximity of all things touristy, this north face serves perfectly to wanderlusts. If you are wondering where to stay in Brno? this is the place.

2. Kralovo Pole

Kralovo Pole stands out as one of the oldest and largest housing developments in the city and is yet another beautiful place to stay in Brno. A well connected place, this district in Brno is profuse with tunnels connecting the outer city ring road, the Zaboverska Street and the Svitavska radial route, making it one of the best and finest connected neighbourhoods. Though a little congested due to the excess infrastructure, shopping centres and the Vodova Sports Areas, this is highly recommended as the best place for accommodation in Brno simply for its luxurious living and the ‘city within city’ sort of working. Some of the other things advocating your stay here include the Carthusian monastery on Bozetechova Street, acting as a standing epitome of beauty.

Kralovo Pole, one of the best areas for accommodation in Brno
Medlanky one of the most recommended and the best place to stay in Brno
3. Medlanky

Perceived as the smallest housing development in Brno, Medlanky is one of those postcard-perfect areas to stay in this Czech city. That been said, a large part of the neighbourhood is still not adequately constructed, with the north-western area still densely forested, but serving as a gorgeous epicentre of many cottages and gardens. Hence, the largest selling point of the neighbourhood is its inclination towards the natural setting and high quality of life. The general housing though is beautiful, can take a huge chunk of your savings!

With so much info about Brno, you sure can’t take it off your travel charts!