Best Places to Stay in Brisbane

Best Places to Stay in Brisbane

Best Place to Stay in Brisbane

From its desolate subtropical beaches and cool-climate vineyards to its elegant city galleries and sophisticated rooftop bars, the greater Brisbane region inspires Queensland's most gasp-inducing contrasts. The apple of the eye itself, Brisbane is one of the sultriest, most lush metropolises replete with the flourishing restaurants, cultural scenes and bars that obviously attest to its coming of age. The residence of the low-lying sandy isle lapped by the turquoise waves in the region, along with sparkling forests and a passing parade of turtles, whales and dolphins, this is one place that will give you a chance that you will regret missing! However, in a place as dynamic as this, to find yourself the perfect roof, you would need to weigh many options about the locality, the environment and the surroundings the area offers. So to make your choice a little easier, here is a list of top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Brisbane:

1. Samford

A country town located barely 30-40 minutes’ drive away from the north-western region of Brisbane's CBD, a step into the region would make you forget that you have stepped into the middle of the country! Complete with its lush, green, picturesque rocky pools, rolling hills all around, and obviously some very quirky cafes, the place is actually one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in the region. Samford is focused around a very quaint village that exhibits a perfect small town charm, along with the perfect combination of the luxuries of a city. One of the best country cafe experiences can be taken in the Flying Nun. Some of the other major attractions in the city include John Scott Park, Samford Conservation Park, Trevena Glen Farm, Samford District Historical Museum, Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane Opal Museum and Dog Park in Samford Valley.

2. Bulimba

The riverside suburbs of Bulimba are home to a village charm that’s successfully inculcating it with the contemporary elegance of a small town. Residence to a number of classic old cinemas, bookshops, alfresco eateries and some of the most beautifully renovated Queenslander houses, this district is a great place to visit, stay and explore. One of the main hub of Oxford St. pulsing during the day, along with the wide profusion of fashion houses, chic cafes and eclectic boutiques, the place is one of the dynamic regions! Along the commercial land, you will witness the best riverside picnic spot, playgrounds and beautiful garden spaces that give you the time to shed the stress you have to deal with in your concrete life with covered in the reserves, leaves parks and greenery in the general. The best attractions in the place include Bulimba Riverside Park, Bulimba Memorial Park, Waterline Crescent Park, New Farm Park, Howard Smith Wharf Precinct, Story Bridge Adventure Climb and Queensland Newspapers.

3. Paddington

Located on a hilltop suburb, the place is couple of miles in the north-western part of the city and unarguably the most attractive neighbourhood in Brisbanian region. Boasting many brightly painted Queenslander cottages lining the main street, the place is one that you wouldn't want to miss living in. However, with the passage of time, you will witness that these old houses have reincarnated themselves into shops and cafes, giving you an essence of the old town charm while enjoying the coffee and the cake and admiring the architecture. Along with that, if you are up for some petite shopping experience, Paddington gives you a chance to shop 'til you drop lets with its countless souvenir shops for people back home. Another delight in the region is its gastronomical expertise, giving you the best place to combine the elegant food in a traditional French restaurant setting with the menu featuring all your French delights include double-baked soufflé with crab meat, French onion soup, crème brulee, Bouillabaisse and the best selection of cheeses. Besides all this, the district also gives you the best place to buy decorative jewellery and home-wares to ornate your home however you want to, along with beads, wood and semi-precious gems.