Best Places to Stay in Brasilia

Best Places to Stay in Brasilia

Best Place to Stay in Brasilia

Counted as one of the most futuristic capitals of Brazil, Brasília, frozen in the middle ages, maintains its image as the impressive monument to the national initiative. Complete with long distances and harrowing six-lane highways, Brasília is a place hard to be unravelled on foot. Behind the futuristic facade of the place you will witness the charm of a lively city in the backdrop. Evoking an airplane image when looked from afar, Brasília is counted as one of the greatest architectural miracles.

To span through the city, one day or even a weekend is simply not enough. To actually enjoy the place, the stay will require a place to rest your head. So to help you find an accommodation, here is a list of the best accommodation areas in Brasília:

1. Paranoá Lake

One of the most beautiful sights in the region, the real reason behind building this artificial lake was to enhance the humidity of the region in the proximity of the Federal Capital. However, this is not all the place is good for. Paranoa Lake offers you wondrous opportunities in the arena of leisure and residency. Basically an outdoor neighbourhood, it provides you with the opportunities to indulge in water skiing, sailing, rowing and wakeboarding. This place is one of the best ones to find a home, proven by the fact that the first construction workers in Brasília chose this place to be home. Besides this, Paranoa Lake offers good connectivity and hosting facilities within its premises. Along the shore of the lake, you will find a generous sprinkle of bars, restaurants and companies offering the boat tours in the region.

2. Super Quadra sul Neighborhood

Named by the fundamental Brasilia numbering system, Super Quadras sul Neighbourhood is often known as the SQS or the Southern Superblock. In each of the super block you will find eleven six stories building meant for the residential purposes. Planned by Lucio Costa during the years of 1956-60, the place was intended to accommodate more people taking up less space, in order to fight the paucity of land and the increasing homelessness. Some of the most famous sites in the region include the Juscelino Kubitschek memorial, Brasilia Cathedral, and the Brasilia Museu Nacional Honestino Guimarães, all the worked up by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer.

3. Central District

One of the most prominent parts one witnesses as they land into the region, Central District, as the name suggests, is nestled in the heart of the city. One of the most prominent geographical wonders in the world, the place sets records in the field of planning. As you walk down the treed streets, you will see the effort and planning that went into making the Central District the wonder it is today! Another advantage of finding an accommodation in the central district is its premier locations, making it easy to access the surrounding places making it a good base for exploration.

In a place as small as Brasilia, to make your experience and exploration a success, find a place that serves as a perfect base for exploration.