Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Boracay

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Boracay

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Boracay

A paradise for the certified sun worshippers around the world, Boracay has been accounted as the favourite annual visit destination for quite a number of tourists from across borders, who wish to enjoy its tropical haven. Found in the north-western tip of Panay in Aklan, Boracay is widely worshipped for its colourful Ati-Athihan festival. Thousand hectares of land boasting all the elements of a tropical heaven, complete with powder white sand, flowering plants, crystal blue water, diverse marine life and liberal doses of tropical palms, this is one of the best choices among the Philippines region. Along with that, the place offers a wide plethora of gastronomical nationalities including French, Australian, Belgian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai, an amalgamation of which is now fused right into the native cuisine.

In a place that is so culturally diverse and beautifully landscaped, Boracay is one place that will give you many reasons to settle down. To help you through the confusion, here is a virtual tour of the place covering the best regions in the vicinity for tourists to find a temporary roof:

1. Puka Beach

Situated towards the Baranggay Yakap, right on the northern edge of Boracay, Puka beach is the one escape from the maniac crowds of the White Beach. Deriving its moniker from the puka shells that are found strewn about the beach, the puka shells are also a source of income for locals making up some of the most memorable castaways of the ocean and the gifts for the people back home. Though a walk down the beach portrays the sand to be a little rougher than the other, however, the sights will make the stay worth your time!

2. Mount Luho

If there is one place encompassing the complete 360 degree view of the entire vicinity, Mount Luho is one region that will microcosm the entire beauty of Boracay's spectacle right at one point, standing there right in front of your eyes, sweeping right from the Bulabog Beach up to the Fairways & Bluewaters Golf Course. The hotels in the region are surrounding the place, thanks to its fascination by the tourists and the natives, making it an excellent place to settle down in the neighbourhood for a short period of time.

3. Carabao Island

There are people that want to advance with time and then there are people who like to hold on their ideals and the illusion of permanence of their present times. If you count yourself among the latter ones, Carabao Island is just the place to be. Most of the population that works on this island lives on the pristine island itself. However, one thing to notice in the region is the lack of any modern amenities including ATMs, massage parlour, touters or nightclubs, with just one single restaurant and a convenience store attached. Some of the major activities in the region include cave touring, buffalo riding and of course snorkelling, making it one of the more unorthodox choice for people looking for accommodation! So, if you are all set to have the most raw, early man sort of sojourn, this is the best base for you in Boracay!

With the city having a different life in every different neighbourhood, it needs to make sure that your accommodation matches your personalities!