Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Bomdila

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Bomdila

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Bomdila

Surrounded by Himalayan Ranges and lush green spaces, boasting infinite natural beauty, is the city of Bomdila. This tourist spot in Arunachal Pradesh, India, boasts a rich cultural lifestyle and ranks amongst the leading tourist destinations of the state. The city is nestled 8,000 feet above the sea level and is a delight in itself! The best part about this city is that the entire area can be navigated by car. The town is home to three monasteries; Upper Gompa, Middle Gompa and Lower Gompa and the areas are pretty much are around them.

There's a lot to do and see in Bomdila besides the three monasteries. The Lower Gompa stands at the beginning of the Bazaar line. Beyond the Bazaar line, the road begins to climb uphill, leading to the Middle Gompa. The Upper Gompa lies further up from the Bazaar line. The city is all about serenity and beauty all around, waiting to be unraveled! There are some other attractions in the city that also attracts a huge number of visitors and those are Diranng valley, Bomdia View Point, Crafts Centre, Eagle nest wildlife Sanctuary, Apple orchards, RR hill and many more. You could wander all day in Bomdila and still find that you have left some of the great sites unexplored. Most importantly, it is a delight to photographers as well as it is filled with spectacular views all around boasting the essence of nature and purity. You would also choose to buy some great articles from the shops and markets around the city to take back. And if you are a bit adventurous do not forget that the city is all about climbing, strolling and finding what you want to explore. Best places to stay in Bomdila are:

1. City Center

In and around the City Center of Bomdila, you get to see some of the great and important attractions of the city. A very well known attraction in Bomdila is the Lower Gompa, which is also known as Thubchong Gatsel Ling Monastery. The attraction is located at the end of the very famous Bazaar Street. Here, indulge yourself in admiring the beautiful Tibetan Architecture and a magnificent prayer hall inside the Gompa. Right across the Lower Gompa is the Crafts center, another attraction of the city. Craft center and Ethnographic museum is where you can see a variety of carpets, Buddhist Thangkas (wall hanging) and handicrafts along the masks created by locals. In addition to all these, the Center is famous for its dragon designs as well. The market place in the area is quite famous where you can shop for souvenirs and also here you can explore the culture and vibrant life of the city.

2. Middle Gompa

The Middle Gompa is 2km away from the Bazaar Street of the city. In this area, you will find stunning monastery houses and images of Buddha in several avatars. Middle Gompa is particularly renowned amongst the community of healers, who come here to pray to the Blue Medicine Buddha, also known as the Lord of Medication, believed to cure all possible diseases. The area is very close to the bazaar street which makes it easier to visit the other attractions as well.

3. Upper Gompa

The hilltop, Upper Gompa is situated 5kms away from Bomdila's City Center and is the highest point of the city. It is also known as the Gentse Gaden Rabgyel Ling Monastery and is a majestic structure replica of the Tsona Gontse Monastery in South Tibet. The Monastery was established in the year 1965 and it represents the spiritual essence of Buddhism. The Monastery complex comprises the main prayer hall, a temple dedicated to the Buddha and residential quarters for the monks. And also the temple attracts pilgrims in great number. However, the main highlight of the area is undoubtedly the large prayer wheel, set at a distance from the prayer hall under a brick and mortar awning. Painted In different colors, it exudes religiosity of Tibetan Buddhism. The Upper Gompa also offers some insane panoramic views of Bomdila as well. This area is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay in Bomdila as it is close to many of the great attractions of the city.

For someone who appreciates nature, serenity, culture, and architecture at the same time, Bomdila is a perfect destination! It may not be one of those happening and jazzy spots but is ideal for the peace-seekers!