Find out where to stay in Berlin. Best places to stay in Berlin

Best areas to stay in Berlin

Where to stay in Berlin:

Despite being the Hitler’s bunker and a Synagogue Center for the New Jewish, Berlin is no more stifled in its extraordinary past. Apart from being a live monument of history, Berlin has managed to hurtle headfirst in the future with its endless luxury hotels, upscale restaurants and a chic European nightlife. So while thinking to travel across the party capital of Europe, choose where to stay in Berlin from the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist here:

Mitte, one of the most sought after place to stay in Berlin
1. Mitte

Mitte, meaning the heart, is what you see in almost all the Berlin postcards. Here’s where you will find the epic TV Tower, Museum Island, Alexanderplatz and 90% of the tourists. Serenading buskers, clip-clopping horses and snapping crowds flock to the Brandenburg Gate. The stately backstreets are home to Michelin-starred restros, Belle Epoque hotels and Berlin Theatres. You can cross the island in River Spree to reach Museum Quarter to explore the plenteous galleries and museums. Scheunenviertel is the place to be for Falafel lovers and high-end shoppers. Tourists hitting Berlin for a short stay should prefer to stay in this neighborhood, for better access to all things fancy.

2. Neukolln

‘Little Istanbul’ has the highest Turkish population of Berlin living in it, with graffiti-covered surfaces hiding a brusque interior. Still a secret from weekenders and vacationers, this zesty neighborhood houses the best bars in Berlin. All those seeking cheap thrills make way to Neukolln, the best place to stay in Berlin for real hipsters, gays, basement nightclubs, cheap booze and endless fun. Tempelhofer Feld, a former Airport converted into a massive Public Park is the coolest thing ever! Weserstrasse, the most popular square in the district is a must-visit, so try seeking a place to stay in the vicinity.

Neukolln one of the best places to stay in Berlin
Prenzlauer Berg, top place to stay in Berlin
3. Prenzlauer Berg

The most preferred neighborhood by locals and tourists, Prenzlauer Berg is actually the first ‘gentrified’ district after the Berlin Wall came down. A lush green area with many outdoor spaces and parks including the popular Mauer Park, Prenzlauer Berg is aptly non-conformist in character with countless eccentric cafes, Boho bars and boutiques. Many young artists and families stay here, raising the status of this area from un-cool to chic. Streets near Kollwitzplatz and Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz U-Bahn are replete with best-value hotels to stay in Berlin.

So choose the best place to stay in Berlin depending upon your love for parks, palaces, museums or shopping. Reap the maximum from your holiday as you skim through these top neighborhoods in Berlin. Safe Travels!