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Best places to stay in Belgrade

Where to stay in Belgrade

“Embrace your flaws”, is what Belgrade, capital of the European country of Serbia, teaches us. Situated at the confluence of Danube and Sava River, Belgrade is by all means an excellent work of art. Delve deep and you find thriving history and monuments of the city. From the fierce and iconic Kalemegdan fortress to the peaceful rivers, the city has it all! And yes, please carry on your most comfortable footwear because a trip to Belgrade would be incomplete without a Belgrade walking tour, where you get yourself enlightened with the history of Serbia. You might tire your eyes and feet both while exploring this small yet well-endowed city. So here are some of the best places for tourists to stay in city of Belgrade:

1. Zemun

Right alongside the River Danube, lays the prettiest neighbourhood of Belgrade. Effervescent and jolly is what this place is. If you are a person who holds preference for the sounds of crushing waves and whirling winds, then this neighbourhood in Belgrade renders the perfect place for accommodation. As Zemun is a bit parted from the main city, one could easily stay away from the hustle and bustle and stroll by the bank of the Danube River to gaze at a perfect sunset and also be in close reach of the renowned monuments of the city.. All those looking for some athletic pleasure can climb up the Gardos hill- the heart of old Zemun, to feed your eyes with a breathtaking, majestic view of the city, the rivers and fierce Belgrade fortress. Also, don’t miss the sight of the serene, oldest orthodox church of St. Nicholas from the 17th century, and find yourself getting lost in between the cobbled streets of Zemun. Fed your eyes well? Don’t worry to curb your appetite too, with plenty of restaurants and bars by the river with a glass of drink for that perfect evening!

2. Stari grad

Being the central capital in the old town of Belgrade, there’s a lot to do and a lot to see! Most of the iconic heart stealers of the city lies at a stone throw when you base yourself in the district of Stari Grad. With hundreds of cozy and sumptuous restaurants, it becomes very convenient for a tourist to stay here in Belgrade. What tops the list is a look out for Belgrade’s most delightful Kalemegdan fortress. For a very valid reason, this fortress is erected above the confluence of The Sava and Danube rivers which also envelops Belgrade’s most delightful park, along with a number of art galleries. Also, visit the Belgrade’s number 1 meeting point, the Republic Square, where people gather from dusk till dawn to have a site of a statue of Prince Mihalio on a horse. Finally, if its gardens, walls, artifacts are the things that please you, Stari Grad is the best place for you to stay in Belgrade. Don’t dare forget the most bohemian street in the world with best food and restos reciting and antique shops for shopping lovers, the story of old Belgrade with its wooden cobbles and gas lanterns, every moment will want to make your camera click!

3. Terazije

Covering an area from Sremska Street to Kralja Milana Street, Terazije is the most renowned square in Belgrade. The neighborhood is precisely for those people who look out for a luxurious stay during their trip to Belgrade. A bit expensive compared to above two areas, Terazije promises a comfortable stay with some topnotch inns in the city. Also, in this area, you will some of the city’s main attractions; plus, being in the center, this district is in the close proximity to all the city’s most renowned sites.

The city of Belgrade holds one of those ‘not very eye pleasing’ histories, but that’s what it teaches us- just to move on in our lives. With its lively population and restaurants on probably every next step, the city of Belgrade will please your artistic and revealing side! So, pack your bags and sneakers to ride out for a long walk!