Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Belfast

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Belfast

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Belfast

Belfast, a small city and also one of the cheapest in the UK, was once an industrial powerhouse with the biggest shipyard in the world! As you all might know, it is also the birthplace of the famously doomed majestic ship, Titanic. Once shunned by travelers, Belfast in the recent years has pulled off a very remarkable transformation from bombs and bullets to top-notch hotels and party town!

The city of Belfast is loaded with attractions such as the Titanic Quarter, City Hall, Botanical Gardens, St. Anne's Cathedral, and the Albert Clock, which makes sure that you might want to wander the city all day lon! Be it the Cathedral Square or the Queen's Quarter, each and every neighborhood in Belfast has a story to tell with its line of attractions and sights. So if you are up for some historic fun, check out the best places to stay in Belfast:

1. Cathedral Square

If you want to stay close to what Belfast has to offer, the Cathedral Quarter is one of the best areas to stay in Belfast. From here, you will be able to enjoy many main sights of Belfast. One of the major attractions of the city includes Belfast's Cathedral, a jumble of cobbled streets and sights. The neighborhood is awash with interesting historical monuments like the leaning Albert clock and the Belfast city's hall. St. Anne's Cathedral is also another great construction which was brought to life by architect Sir Thomas Drew In 1898. Inside the Cathedral are marvelous mosaics, sculptures, spectacularly stained glass windows, and Titanic Pall and the Shrine of Edward Carson, leader of the Unionist movement. The area is also home to one of Belfast's oldest and most popular attractions, St George's market, which is an award-winning market and a must-see even for those who are here for a short stay. From seafood to fresh pastries, the market has remained Belfast's highlight for sumptuous food and cuisine. You will also find shops which sell arts and crafts items as well. The central area is now a hub for Belfast's art and cultural scene, brightening the city's waterfront area to bring about the Waterfront Hall, a world-class entertainment and conference center that hosts top musicians and performers from far and wide. Also, you can catch a performance at the Grand Opera house, dating back to 1895. The quarter is one of the most heart stealing ones in Belfast and that is why it is one of the best areas to stay in Belfast.

2. Titanic Square

The area is great to stay in Belfast as you get to have an immediate access to the Titanic Quarter, Belfast's premier attractions and the world's biggest Titanic museum. This glittering attraction was designed by Eric Kunhe. With 10 galleries over six floors, it is one of the busiest attractions in the city. Situated across the river from Cathedral square, tells the story of an ill-fated ocean liner that was built here. Through interactive constructions, the museum brings to life the majestic story of its creation and its journey towards America before it was tragically struck and hit an iceberg. The neighborhood is also home to Titanic studios, which has been used to film game of thrones and some Hollywood movies as well. Also, there are wide lush green spaces to stroll and is also home to a thriving restaurant, a café, and a bar. So if you are a fan of history, culture and movies, Titanic Square is one of the best neighborhoods of Belfast.

3. Queens Quarter

If you prefer a rather peaceful area yet home to some of the best attractions in the city, the Queen's quarter is the best area to stay in Belfast. Located to the south, the area is about 20 minutes away from the City Centre; boasting some excellent transport links. In this neighborhood in Belfast, you get the Ulster Museum which is situated within the Botanic gardens and features an extensive collection of art, fine art, archaeology, and botany. The Botanic gardens, founded in 1828, boast a beautiful assortment of flora and tree species. There are numerous bus stops in the area as well, which makes it pretty easy to connect with the other parts of the city as well. With various bookstores, coffee shops, galleries, restaurants, the area is one of the best in Belfast!

From art, culture to sumptuous food and nightlife, Belfast is one of a kind.