Find out where to stay in Beijing. Best places to stay in Beijing

Best areas to stay in Beijing

Where to stay in Beijing:

Beijing, China’s humongous capital, is world famous not only for the amount of people and industries it holds but also has cultural and architectural history ageing back to 3,000 years! Featuring a mesmerising section of the Great Wall of China, this ever bustling and vociferous city pays homage to such divine and peaceful museums and temples. For non-vegetarian foodies, Beijing rightly serves as the perfect ‘palate palace’. But it doesn’t mean that vegetarians will be seen losing their appetite when in Beijing; this city is world famous for its pastries and sugar cakes. However, finding an accommodation in the Chinese capital can make you spend a hefty amount if not careful. This guide will help you in choosing among the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Beijing:

1. Qianmen

Located in the heart of the city near to Tiananmen Square, Qianmen is just the place to be for travelers. A place commuted by thousands of people every day to see the Tiananmen Tower, this neighbourhood in Beijing features ‘Immortal’, which has been rightfully engraved on Monument to People’s Heroes, giving its onlookers a glance at Chinese modern history. The exceptionally large and well-built sculptures catch one’s attention. People having a knack for politics will have their jaws dropped at the mere glimpse of the Flag raising ceremony. Moreover, for art lovers, the recently constructed National Museum of China has a lot in store. Relics ageing back 1.7 million years are there to dawn your eyes upon. All in all, you get a world to unwind; so better station yourself amidst all the glory!

2. Wangfujing

If you are searching for a cheap place to stay but don’t wish to be stuck away from the city, well Voila! Wangfujing is the best that can be. This market is a paradise for shopaholic travel bugs, thanks to the influx of all the main shopping centres of Beijing in here. Ranging from pocket friendly to bank breaking products catering to all niches, Wangfujing bags everything! The best time to visit it is at night, when thid district in Beijing creates a romantic ambience for couples who love walking under nightlights while munching on a street snack.

3. Nanluoguxiang

Located in the Dongcheng district, it is a narrow alley which bags traditional architecture. One in love with waters can explore the enchanting Houhai lake located in northern Downtown. The best part about this area is that it has a magnificent subway network which can take you around places within a few minutes. The Prince Gong Mansion is bound to leave you in awe and fall in love with China. Besides all this, you are bound to find amazing restaurants to tickle your taste buds around the Drum Tower.

Beijing is a place that one must visit at least once in lifetime. Whether you have a buttload of money or not, it doesn’t matter; Beijing has something in store for everyone. But do try to make reservations in advance if you want to grab a cost effective deal.