Best Places to Stay in Bath

Best areas to stay in Bath

Where to stay in Bath

Though the lands of Britain are known to possess a precious clutch of bewitchingly beautiful cities, only a counted few have the capability to challenge the beauty of Bath. Thanks to the works of the local entrepreneurs- Ralph Allen and John Wood the Elder and Younger, this sleepy & lethargic town was radically converted into an alluring, living example of the glory of the Georgian society. Awash with fabulous landmarks including The Circus and Royal Crescent, Bath is the perfect confluence of Georgian and Roman lineages. In a place so beautiful, it is obvious that your mind would hold confusion about the place to set base. So to help you find the kind of accommodation that suits you, here is the list of the best places to find shelter in Bath:

1. Batheaston

As is suggestive from the name, Batheaston is a historic riverside town, located in the eastern region of the Bath and north of river. Providing an excellent base for exploration of the region and the hills circumventing the place, Batheaston is often one of the best places to stay in Bath for the adventure loving population. Cuddled up in the foot hills of the Solsbury Hill, the villages has gained fame, thanks to it being the residence of Peter Gabriel. With one of the end of the suburb lying in Cotswold Way, the river Avon streaks right through the map of the place making this suburb one of the most bewitching in the natural terms. Beautiful architecture, well manicured parks, broad roads and well connectivity, Batheaston is a place waiting to be lived in.

2. Bathampton

Another historic village lying on the eastern side of Bath, Bathampton is famous for being the hometown of the invention of Plasticine. A visit to this place can easily be compared to an experience of time-travel, as every part of the village seems to be frozen in the while, holding the charm intact. The small town is brimming with shops, pubs and taverns, making it an excellent choice to find a roof. To say that the entire day can be spent admiring the beauty of the Kennet and Avon Canal would be an understatement. Linked by the Batheaston area by a toll bridge, this area is another good and affordable option to stay in Bath for the outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Lansdown

A suburb located in the northern region of the city centre, Lansdown is known around the city as an upscale residential town. One of the most prominent historical acts in the suburb was the Battle of Lansdowne, successfully commemorated by the Sir Bevil Grenville's Monument located in the premises of the place. A place for the people seeking some lavish treatment and luxurious lifestyle for their permanent or temporary lodging, Lansdown is often the choice for those who don’t mind spending a fortune on accommodation. Some of the most celebrated architectural achievements of the place include the Lansdown Crescent and the Sion Hill Place. Another of the notable architectural folly is the Beckford Tower, built in the neo-classical lineage of architecture.

In a place which is as alluring as the World Heritage City of Bath, the trip would be enhanced manifolds by finding an accommodation to suit you.