Top 3 Places for Accommodation for Tourist in Bariloche

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for Tourist in Bariloche

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for Tourist in Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche, more commonly known as Bariloche, is a treasure city for all those wanting to explore the area's nature reserves including forests, lakes and mountains. The city is also considered as the second ski destination in the world, and the most important one in South America! In addition to natural landscapes and ski resorts, Bariloche is an important destination for bird watchers as its natural parks are a privilege to appreciate the largest flying bird in the world. The climate in here includes an abundance of winters and snowfall. Summer here is short and dry and showcases the best time to hit the city's beaches.

Some of the main tourist attractions of Bariloche include its natural wonders among which Nahuel Huapi National park, Cerro Cathedral, Cerro Otto, and Isla Victoria. When it comes to the best areas to stay in Bariloche then you have to decide what are you rooting for in your trip, is it ski adventures or to explore the surroundings and history of the city or to admire the natural beauty. So check out the best areas to stay in Bariloche:

1. City Center

The center of Bariloche is situated next to the shore of Lake Huapi. The center is relatively smaller but doesn't fall short on attractions and natural beauty! This neighborhood in Bariloche is known for the very beautiful Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi. Visitors drive through the scenery and take a walk along one of the many hiking routes. You can also choose to raft or kayak on the Lago Nahuel Huapi, a lake that was formed from melted glaciers and is surrounded by splendid snow-capped mountains. The life of the city center revolves around the Miler Street, the commercial artery of the city, which is full of souvenir shops, galleries and lots of chocolate shops as well. Just as few minutes away from Miler Street, you find a very famous attraction of Bariloche, the Bariloche Cathedral. Built in 1947, the cathedral is a highlight of the city with its grand stone walls in a prime position overlooking the lake. The center of Bariloche is also known for hosting all the cultural events held in this Andean city. Also inside the center is where you will find Bariloche's museum, which exhibits relating to its history of the national park and its surrounding area. The museum provides plenty of information that visitors find interesting and adds to their appreciation of Bariloche. Here, it is also very easy to find accommodation options for all types of budgets including some of the best accommodation options offering mesmerizing views of Nahuel Huapi Lake.

2. Cerro Cathedral

The district of Cerro Cathedral is located 11 miles southwest of the center of San Carlos de Bariloche. Cerro Cathedral is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere and is also the most important one in the whole world! The neighborhood is an ideal destination to stay in Bariloche for lovers of winter sports as the area houses every necessary infrastructure to serve skiers. Spend your vacation skiing or snowboarding, and if snow sots are not your thing, Cerro cathedral also offers other activities such as climbing, trekking, or mountain bike tours of its beautiful scenery. The area is also equipped with all the necessary services for visitors such as supermarkets, pharmacies, shops and a lot of options for renting ski equipment. And as you climb to the top of the hill, you will be able to experience some of the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. The accommodation options up here offer incredible views of the Andes mountain range, the Nahuel, and Gutierrez lakes. Cerro Cathedral is an excellent option to stay in Bariloche for adventure and sports lovers.

3. Playa Bonita (Bonita Beach)

Playa Beach is a neighborhood located about 8 km west of San Carlos de Bariloche, next to Lake Nahuel Huapi. Bonita Beach is a pleasant place with a beautiful pebble beach and cold water, and an ideal option to relax in the sun during summer or even to practice outdoor sports activities including kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, and diving. The neighborhood is equipped with several restaurants, shops and a strip of bars. Playa Bonita is one of the best areas to stay in Bariloche because of its beautiful beach and the number of activities it offers.

From a chocolate lover to a Sports lover, everyone will have a good time in this city!