Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Bali

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Bali

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Bali

Bali, the perfect piece of atoll anyone can dream of, is an Indonesian tourist location, flooded by newlyweds every year from different parts of the world. Honeymoon sweethearts love this place owing to the exotic resorts and beaches. With the forested mountainous volcanic region being the main highlight, Bali has a very soothing pollution free environment, mostly due to the fact that only 4 million people live here. Reasonably low levels of industrialization has kept the natural beauty of this place indented, hence the atoll being rightfully described as “The famed island of the Gods”, owing to the scenes in showcase.

It is always helpful for someone new in Bali to know the correct places to stay at. So try this list of the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Bali:

1. Sanur

Stationed in southeast Bali is the town of Sanur, one of the most preferred places to stay in Bali that pays homage to many major attractions around. Built along a very long beach and shielded by the shallow waters of coral reef, this 5 kilometre beach walk is really a fantastic experience. Lined with many luxury resorts, Sanur is a tired soul’s dreamland with yoga and massage parlours all around the beach. Sindhu is a cute little night market in the Sanur area, one that is known for its tasty but inexpensive food and pocket-friendly shopping. The msut-try dishes here include fried bread and fluffy crumpets. The Pura Tirta Empul Segara Merta Sari is a famous and mesmerizing temple and a great place for spiritual healing of both mind and soul.

2. Ubud

Lavished with rainforest is the uptown of Ubud, a gorgeous place located in the uplands of Bali that iis replete with art museums and widely popular as the traditional art and craft centre of Bali. Goa Gajah (popularly known as “Elephant Curve”) has beautiful engravings of Hindu Gods. The Ubud Monkey forest, as the name suggests, is a natural reserve for the Bali monkeys, where besides your ancestors, you can find up to 115 different species of trees! The Puri Lukisan Museum has a sizeable collection of Balinese artworks, with authentic wood carvings and paintings striving hard to revive the traditional Bali. The overall residential experience for a tourist is great as many budget hotels and resorts are there to offer accommodation.

3. Seminyak

People up for a VIP experience can hit the southern end of Bali. Seminyak is the place for all the bacchanals willing to splurge their pockets away after sundown. One of the posh areas, it caters to high end tourists who enjoy busy sunset scenes. Petitenget Beach offers a reserved ambiance, with the grey sands offering a mesmerizing to look at during dusk. The place offers a hefty platform for adventure sports such as surfing and sea diving.

All in all, Bali is a dream holiday destination having many treasures in possession which can be unfolded only after visiting it.